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                    Types of 52mm condoms

                    We’ve all heard about regular size condoms. What you may not know is that regular size isn’t “regulated.” More of an umbrella term than an actual condom size, regular size can refer to any condom with a nominal width between 52mm and 56mm.

                    Some may consider 56mm condoms as large, while others may consider 52mm condoms small. The fact remains that popular brands like Durex, Pasante, and EXS describe condoms in both dimensions as regular in size.

                    That said, what kind of 52mm condoms can you buy? What are their length and thickness? Read on to find it out.

                    Standard condoms

                    Like the regular size, standard condom is an umbrella term referring to unflavoured and uncoloured condoms. In the 52mm category, you can choose from the following options:

                    Sensation condoms

                    Another broad category is that of sensation condoms. These condoms are designed to enhance pleasure in a variety of ways. You can use warming condoms to increase blood flow, cooling condoms if you like tingling sensations, ribbed and dotted condoms for extra stimulation, flavoured condoms for more pleasurable oral sex, and so on. In the 52mm condoms category, you can find the following options:

                    Clinic condoms

                    Clinic condoms are non-lubricated condoms you can use with your favourite lube or with sex toys. In the 52mm category, you can find the EXS Clinic condoms, which are 185mm long. These condoms don’t have a teat end. Thus, they are more suitable for use with toys rather than intercourse.

                    EXS Clinic condoms come in a pack of 100 and are made of natural rubber latex. You can use them with water-based or silicone-based lubricant and are compatible with all sex toys, including silicone ones.

                    Can I use condoms to delay ejaculation?

                    Yes, there are various ways you can use condoms to delay ejaculation. If you don’t have premature ejaculation but want to last longer for your partner, you can simply use a slightly snugger or looser condom. You will have to try and see which method works for you – some men are able to delay ejaculation by using a condom one size smaller, whilst others claim sensations are reduced when they use one size up.

                    Regardless of the condom size, never downgrade or upgrade with more than one size. For instance, if your regular condoms have a nominal width of 52mm, don’t use a condom smaller than 49mm or larger than 53mm to delay ejaculation.

                    Condoms are designed to fit snugly on your penis without constricting. A too tight condom can break easily, whilst a loose one might fall off during intercourse. Both situations leave you exposed to the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections if you or your partner has not been tested.

                    Cooling condoms can also help you delay ejaculation thanks to their tingling, slightly numbing effect. If the condoms aren’t cool enough, you can add a few drops of mint lubricant or another cooling effect lube inside the condom before intercourse.

                    If you have premature ejaculation problems, you can use climax control condoms. Climax control condoms, also called delay condoms, are condoms designed specifically for the purpose. They contain clove oil, lidocaine, or benzocaine to numb your glans and delay ejaculation.

                    How to use climax control condoms?

                    Delay condoms are easy to use, regardless of the numbing agent they contain. Here’s how:

                    1. Delay condoms contain a drop of a numbing agent (clove oil, lidocaine, or benzocaine) inside the teat end. Put on the condom paying attention to roll in along your shaft on the right side. Always put the condom on your fully erect penis.
                    2. Massage the numbing agent on your penis head and wait for around 10 minutes. You can use this time for foreplay.
                    3. That’s it. You can now enjoy sex with your partner. The numbing agent reduces the sensations you feel, helping you delay ejaculation.

                    As a rule of thumb, condoms containing clove oil are more suitable for men who simply want to last longer but don’t have premature ejaculation issues. This natural ingredient has a very mild numbing effect, and you may not notice any difference if you struggle with premature ejaculation.

                    If you are struggling with a condition, choose a lidocaine or benzocaine condom. Lidocaine and benzocaine are two mild anaesthetics that have a stronger numbing effect. Lidocaine is slightly stronger than benzocaine, but you can try both types and see what works best for you. Delay condoms aside, you can achieve the same result with delay lubricant or delay wipes.

                    If you want to use delay lube, simply add a drop or two of lubricant inside the condom before rolling it on. If, instead, you decide to use delay wipes, wipe your penis head a few minutes before putting on the condom.

                    No matter what method you decide to use, keep in mind that, these methods can’t do miracles. While they delay ejaculation, you’ll usually last around 5-10 minutes longer.

                    What condoms to use if I’m allergic to latex?

                    Most 52mm condoms available on the market are made of natural rubber latex. The material feels soft and silky on the skin, but it could also trigger adverse reactions in people with latex allergies.

                    Latex allergies are rare, and their symptoms are usually mild. Common reactions include redness and itchiness on the portion of skin in contact with latex. In some cases, though, these reactions can be moderate or severe, including anaphylaxis.

                    If you or your partner are allergic to latex, it is important to use non-latex condoms. On the market, there are non-latex condoms designed for men and women alike. Female condoms are often made of polyurethane or polyisoprene, two plastic materials that are similar to latex. However, since they don’t contain latex, they cause no allergic reactions.

                    Female condoms are as easy to use as male condoms, but instead of rolling them on the penis, they go inside the vagina.

                    If you normally wear 52mm condoms, can’t find a latex-free alternative, and your partner doesn’t want to use a female condom, you could opt for a 53mm latex-free condom.

                    What are the benefits of buying condoms online?

                    Condoms are readily available in shops, but buying them online from Condoms.uk comes with lots of advantages. Here are some of them:

                    What is the Subscribe & Save programme?

                    Subscribe & Save is a condom subscription programme designed for those who want to be sure they will never run out of condoms. When you subscribe, you can select the quantity and set a delivery schedule. We’ll then make sure each order gets to you on time.

                    Subscribing to this service is really easy. Simply go to the product page, choose the pack size, and select subscribe. Then, proceed to checkout. That’s it! You can lie back and relax while we’ll dispatch your first order within one business day. Then, we’ll dispatch each order based on the renewal period you selected.

                    After the first two renewals, you can make any changes or even opt out if you don’t need any more condoms. Easy as pie, isn’t it?

                    Like all our orders, all orders we send during your subscription will be packed in discreet, generic packaging. So, check out our range of 52mm condoms and place your first order now.