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      Are 64mm condoms king or super king size?

      Condoms have been around for centuries, but once companies started to diversify their range and manufacture them in various sizes, brands have also come up with ways to advertise these products and make them more desirable. Among the many strategies adopted was a captivating name associated with the size.

      For instance, some small condoms are called Little Tiger, while large or extra-large condoms are often referred to as King Size, Magnum, or Supermax.

      When it comes to 64mm condoms, however, they are neither king nor king size. They stand in-between the two, considering that most brands use the super king size or jumbo terms for condoms larger than 65mm. That said, 64mm condoms are still very large in size and suit men with a penis girth between 13 and 14 centimetres.

      What brands make 64mm condoms?

      Currently, there is one brand that manufactures 64mm condoms – MY.SIZE. MY.SIZE condoms are made by R&S Consumer Goods, a German company that also manufactures condoms under ON and Vitalis brand names.

      MY.SIZE 64MM condoms suit men with a penis girth between 13 and 14 cm and have a length of 223mm. They are made of natural rubber latex and have a smooth texture. These condoms are lightly lubricated with silicone-based lube and are compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants.

      Like most natural latex condoms, their structure can be damaged by oils and petroleum jelly. Thus, if you need further lubrication, only use products labelled as safe to use with latex condoms.

      All MY.SIZE condoms comply with the European and British regulations. MY.SIZE 64MM condoms are electronically tested for safety and come in packaging marked with the CE mark. You can buy them right here on in packs of 10 or 36 condoms.

      What condoms can I use if I don’t find condoms in my size?

      If you normally wear a 64mm condom and can’t find your size, simply buy condoms one size smaller or larger. Whether you should opt for a smaller or larger size depends on the actual circumference of your penis.

      For instance, MY.SIZE 60MM, which is a size smaller than the 64MM from this brand, suits men with a penis circumference between 12 and 13 cm. MY.SIZE 69MM, which is the next size up, suits men with a penis circumference between 14 and 15 cm. Thus, if your circumference is closer to 13 cm, you should opt for a smaller size. If it is closer to 14 cm, you should opt for the larger size. If your circumference is 13.5 cm, you can pick a snugger (smaller) or looser (bigger) condom based on your preference.

      Other tips on sizing

      Since 64mm refers to the nominal width of the condom, you can use the same size references even if you decide to change the brand.

      Sometimes, you may also want to use a different condom, for instance, if you want to try a flavoured or textured condom.

      The only thing to keep in mind is that the condom shouldn’t be too tight on your penis. A very tight condom can break during intercourse. It can also cause pain, reduce the sensations you feel, prevent you from maintaining an erection, and, if you use small condoms regularly, they could lead to erectile dysfunction.

      My skin is red and itchy after using a condom. What are the causes?

      There are various reasons why you may feel itchy and have red skin after using a condom. One of the main causes of itchiness and redness is a latex allergy.

      Latex allergies are rare, with less than 1 in 1,000 people developing hypersensitivity to latex in their lifetime. Some people have an increased risk of allergy due to prolonged exposure. For instance, healthcare workers who wear latex gloves daily are more likely to become allergic.

      Latex allergies are not only rare, but most of the associated symptoms are mild. Nevertheless, if you are allergic to latex and use latex condoms, you might notice redness or a rash where the condom has touched your skin. Women are more likely to develop symptoms while using latex condoms if they are allergic.

      Latex allergies aside, there are many other reasons why you could get a rash or red skin after sex.

      Sometimes, you could be allergic or sensitive to other ingredients in the products you use. For instance, people with sensitive skin often complain about rashes from condoms despite not having an allergy to latex.

      What should you do if you have an allergic reaction?

      In most cases, changing condom brand helps. Vegan condoms, such as Glyde or EXS, are better tolerated by people with sensitive skin due to the premium quality of the materials they are made of. The lubricant coating the condom or any extra lubricant you might use can also cause rashes.

      A simple way to tell if you have a latex allergy or get reactions from other ingredients is by changing condom or lubricant brand. If the symptoms stop, you’ve found your answer. If you continue feeling itchy, you might be allergic to latex.

      Sensation condoms are also more likely to irritate your skin. Whether you’re using textured condoms, warming condoms, or cooling condoms, your skin might be irritated, red, and itchy after intercourse. Again, people with sensitive skin are more prone to develop reactions.

      What else could cause irritation?

      Besides condoms and intimate lubricants, sex toys and accessories can also irritate your skin or trigger allergic reactions. In fact, if you use silicone sex toys with silicone lubricants, the two silicone types might react and irritate your skin. Then, you could wrongly believe the itchiness is due to the condom.

      Other things that could cause irritation down there include improperly cleaned sex toys, a harsh laundry detergent, or even underwear made of synthetic fibres. Before blaming the condoms, you should rule out all other possible culprits.

      What to do if I’m allergic to latex?

      Latex allergy might be rare, but anyone can develop it. If you’re allergic to latex and notice symptoms during sexy time, the first thing to do is to stop and change to non-latex condoms.

      Non-latex condoms are made of polyisoprene or polyurethane. You won’t find 64mm non-latex condoms, but 60mm latex-free condoms are available from Pasante. Pasante Unique condoms are made of polyisoprene. They are 190mm long and only 0.015mm thick.

      At this thickness, they are thinner than a strand of hair and very flexible yet strong enough to give you peace of mind. You can use them for vaginal, oral, and anal sex.

      The only thing to keep in mind if you normally wear a 64mm condom is that they could be a bit snug. Thus, you should avoid rough sex and moisturise with plenty of additional lubricant to prevent them from breaking.

      Other condoms to try

      You could also try female condoms. Female condoms are polyurethane pouches designed to go inside the vagina. A silicone ring keeps them in place while you’re having fun, protecting against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

      Female condoms are not as safe as male condoms; thus, you should use an additional contraceptive method if your main concern is an accidental pregnancy. They also provide a lower protection against sexually transmitted infections because they allow for more skin contact (the penis will come in contact with the vulva since the condom only coats the inside of the vagina).

      If you need a non-latex alternative for safe oral sex, you could use polyisoprene or polyurethane dental dams. Dental dams are designed for safe cunnilingus, but with a bit of fantasy and attention, you could also use them for fellatio.

      Can I use 64mm condoms if I have a regular size?

      You shouldn’t use 64mm condoms if you have a regular size unless you’re using them to cover a sex toy or to keep in place a G-Lover cock ring. A 64mm condom size will be loose on an average penis size, which could result in pregnancy or transmission of an STI.

      If you need a larger condom to use with a cock ring, follow the same rules you would to get the right condom size according to your penis circumference. Here’s how to do it:

      1. Place the G-Lover ring right under the head of your erect penis. Your penis must be fully erect to avoid measuring errors.
      2. Wrap a piece of string around the ring on your penis and use a ruler to measure the distance.
      3. Divide that number by 3.14. This is the condom size you need to use with your cock ring.

      Once you have the size, you should stick to it and avoid getting a bigger condom. Although you might like the idea of a looser condom when wearing the ring (especially since the condom won’t provide any protection in this case), a condom that is too big might slip off during intercourse.

      Not only will you risk losing the condom inside your partner’s body, but the vibrating ring is also likely to slip off.

      While the vagina is relatively short, and you should normally be able to insert your fingers to find and retrieve the condom or ring, these items can sometimes get stuck. The condom might also tear into pieces that you won’t be able to remove.

      Leaving foreign objects inside the vagina is out of the question due to the high risk of infections. So, if you want to avoid an embarrassing trip to the gynaecologist, only use vibrating rings with a condom that can stay firmly on your penis from start to finish.

      Can I use 64mm condoms with cock rings and sex toys?

      Yes, 64mm condoms – like all condoms, as a matter of fact – can be used with sex toys and cock rings. Using a condom with a sex toy is a good idea whether you share the toy or not. The condom can help you keep your toy as new for longer and is also a more sanitary choice. After all, no matter how carefully you clean the toy, chances are you’re not keeping it in an aseptic environment.

      Latex condoms are typically suitable to use with most sex toys, and cock rings labelled as safe to use with condoms.

      However, pay attention to the instructions that come with your ring or toy if they are made of silicone. Whilst latex doesn’t react with silicone, most latex condoms are pre-lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant. The lubricant might react with the silicone in the toy and irritate your skin. In rare cases, the chemical reaction can also cause burns.

      Thus, if you’re unsure whether your silicone toy or cock ring is compatible with pre-lubricated condoms, use it with clinic, non-lubricated condoms.

      Where to buy 64mm condoms?

      You can buy 64mm condoms right here at We stock a wide range of latex and non-latex condoms, including sensation and standard condoms in all sizes. Besides, we also offer a variety of intimate lubricants, condom-friendly massage gels, and accessories. All the products we sell are genuine and sourced directly from brands or their official suppliers in the UK.

      Simply browse our range to find the best condoms for you and add them to the cart. Then, proceed to checkout and pay with your preferred method.

      At, we offer free nationwide delivery on orders over £25. Next-day delivery is also available, and all our orders are packed in generic, discreet packaging to protect your privacy.