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          What are latex condoms?

          Latex condoms are condoms made of natural rubber latex. This name is typically used when referring to natural latex condoms only. Polyisoprene condoms, which are made of a synthetic type of latex, are also technically latex condoms. However, all brands and specialists use the polyisoprene name when talking about these condoms.

          Are latex condoms safe?

          Latex condoms are one of the safest protection methods against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. With perfect use, natural rubber latex condoms are 98% safe. This means that 2 in 100 women will remain pregnant when using latex condoms.

          The rate drops with typical use to around 87%, mainly because men tend to touch the women’s vulvas with their penises before putting on the condom. The drops of semen that lubricate the penis before intercourse contain sperm, thus the possibility of accidental pregnancy.

          Improper condom is another reason for condom failure. If you’re using a condom that is too small or too large, you’re risking that the condom will break or fall off during intercourse. In both cases, the risk of accidental pregnancy and catching or transmitting STDs increases.

          The lack of lubrication may also cause condom breakage. In case of vaginal dryness or anal sex, it is recommended to apply additional lubricant – use a condom friendly lubricant that is water-based or silicone-based. Most users claim that adding more lube improves the experience even if natural lubrication is sufficient.

          Which latex condoms are safest?

          Thanks to the new technologies involved in the manufacturing process, all latex condoms are very safe to use as long as you follow the instructions. If you simply want to feel safer because you don’t trust thin condoms, you can use thick latex condoms.

          Types of latex condoms

          Back when latex condoms were invented, they were nothing but rather thick sheaths meant to prevent semen from reaching the womb. Over the decades, the condom industry evolved, and today’s condoms are much more than prophylactic.

          People nowadays use condoms to improve their sexual experience or to bring new sensations between the sheets. Here are some of the most common types of latex condoms you can find right here at Condoms.uk.

          Standard condoms

          These condoms are the closest you’ll find to the original latex condoms. They are much thinner, usually with a thickness under 70 microns – which means they are thinner than a strand of hair. These condoms are unscented and unflavoured, and they have a smooth, silky texture.

          Standard condoms are preferred by those who want to protect themselves from pregnancy and STDs but otherwise want to keep the experience as natural as possible.

          Options vary from anatomical shape condoms such as EXS to condoms with straight walls, like Pasante. Durex also has a variety of standard condoms with different shapes.

          Most standard condoms have a regular size that can vary from 52mm to 56mm in nominal width.

          Thin & ultra thin condoms

          These condoms are similar to the standard variety, but they are thinner. Most condoms in this category have a thickness under 55 microns.

          Thick condoms

          On the opposite side, thick condoms have a thicker wall compared to standard condoms. More often than not, they’re at least 80 microns thick, although there are exceptions. Thick condoms can be lightly or extra lubricated and are typically recommended for anal sex. That said, you can use thick condoms for any type of sex if you feel safer with a thicker sheath.

          Extra lubricated condoms

          This category includes any type of condoms that have more lubricant than standard condoms. They are an excellent choice for anal sex or to combat the symptoms of vaginal dryness. Durex Thin Feel Extra Lubricated is a fine example of extra lubricated condoms.

          Cooling condoms

          These condoms are coated with a cooling effect lubricant. The lube can coat the condom exterior or both its sides, depending on what effect the condom should achieve. Cooling condoms can have a tingling effect during vaginal intercourse and a slight numbing effect on the penis and anus area, helping delay ejaculation and facilitating anal penetration. Vitalis Delay and Cooling condoms are designed with both partners in mind and are lubricated on both sides. You can also find cooling condoms from EXS and Pasante.

          Delay condoms

          If you want to delay ejaculation without the cooling effect, you can try the delay condoms. These condoms contain a drop of lidocaine 1% or benzocaine 5%. Both substances are anaesthetics that have a numbing effect on the penis. Lidocaine is more powerful than benzocaine and is indicated to men who want to combat premature ejaculation. Condoms containing lidocaine include Pasante Infinity and EXS Delay Endurance.

          Durex used benzocaine, which is milder, for its Mutual Climax and Extended Pleasure condoms. Mutual Climax condoms are not only delaying condoms; they are also textured.

          Warming condoms

          Designed to heighten the sensations and make intercourse more pleasurable, these condoms are coated with a warming effect lubricant. Similar to cooling condoms, this type of condom delivers tingling sensations.

          Textured condoms

          There are three categories of textured condoms: ribbed, dotted, and ribbed and dotted condoms.

          Flavoured condoms

          These condoms were invented to make safe oral sex more enjoyable for the giver. Many people don’t like the taste and smell of latex, and these condoms provide a sweet taste and pleasant scent. Due to their huge popularity, most flavoured condoms nowadays can be used for all types of sex.

          Here at Condoms.uk, we stock a wide range of flavoured condoms that are safe to use for oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Flavours include:

          Snug fit condoms

          Snug fit condoms are condoms designed for those who need a smaller size. These condoms have a nominal width between 47mm and 49mm, whilst their length varies between 160mm and 175mm. Most snug fit condoms have a smooth texture and are not flavoured. However, there are some options for flavoured and coloured condoms in this range.

          Large size condoms

          The opposite of snug fit, large size condoms have a nominal width between 56mm and 60mm. Condoms in this category vary from plain to textured, including flavoured and other types of sensation condoms. An exception to this category is Durex, whose 56mm condoms are considered regular in size.

          Extra large condoms

          Larger than the large, these condoms have a nominal width between 60mm and 69mm. They suit men with very generous dimensions or can be used with G-Lover style rings. Most condoms in this category have a smooth texture and are plain (odourless, tasteless, and colourless).

          Why do condoms hurt me?

          Condoms come in a variety of types and sizes, yet it is surprising how many people complain about them being uncomfortable. Before giving them up, check out the following:

          Why do condoms burn my girlfriend?

          It is a common misconception that men are the ones who don’t want to use condoms. However, in many cases, women prefer avoiding condoms too. People with vaginas know how easy it is to damage the delicate balance of the genital area, and condoms may alter a vagina’s pH or cause irritation. Here are a few common reasons why condoms can burn your girlfriend and how to solve them:

          Where can I buy condoms discreetly?

          If you want to protect your privacy and buy condoms discreetly, you can do so right here at Condoms.uk. We stock a wide range of latex condoms sourced directly from brands or their official suppliers here in the UK, and we offer discreet delivery for all orders.

          All you have to do is browse our range of condoms, add your favourite products to the cart, and proceed to checkout.

          If you want to save on your purchase and make sure you’ll never run out of condoms, you can even sign up to Subscribe & Save. As a Condoms.uk member, you’ll get 15% off your condoms. When subscribing, simply choose the quantity you need and the renewal period.

          We’ll only charge you for the first order up front, then charge your payment method before each renewal. After two renewals, you can opt out or change your settings. Subscription or not, you’ll get free standard delivery on all orders of £25 or more.