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                          Are 56mm condoms regular or large in size?

                          Considered somewhat borderline, 56mm condoms are considered regular in size by some and large by others. For instance, most condoms from Durex have a nominal width of 56mm, and we can safely say this is a regular size in their vision.

                          According to the average condom size, however, 56mm condoms are larger than the standard. Thus, we could consider them large condoms.

                          Regardless of the category, you include them in, 56mm condoms come in standard and sensation variants. Here are a few of the most popular options.

                          Standard condoms

                          Sensation condoms

                          Can I use 56mm condoms if I have a regular size?

                          Of course, you can, but keep in mind that a condom that doesn’t fit perfectly might break or slip off during intercourse.

                          There are various ways to figure out whether or not a condom suits you. For instance, you could buy condoms in various sizes and see which one fits right. If you want to skip the trial and error part, you can use our online tool to find your size or measure your penis length and girth.

                          To measure your penis size, you will need:

                          To measure your penis length:

                          1. Use the measuring tape to measure the length of your fully erect penis from its head to the base. Press the tape as much as you can toward your pubic bone to make up for any hair and fat tissue. If your penis is curved, follow its natural shape with the tape. If your penis is relatively straight, you could use a ruler instead of the tape measure.

                          To measure your penis girth:

                          1. Wrap the string around the thickest part of your fully erect penis, usually around the middle of the shaft, and use the marker to mark the point where the string meets.
                          2. Measure the length of the string with the ruler. This number is your penis girth.
                          3. To find out what condom size you need, divide your girth by 3.14. This number represents the ideal condom width.

                          You can now use the length and width to determine the right condom size for you. When measuring your penis, remember that figuring out the right condom width is key to perfect condom fitting. Most manufacturers make condoms longer than necessary, so it’s unlikely you’ll have a problem with the condom being too short.

                          However, a condom that is too small or too big can give you lots of headaches. On the one hand, it is unlikely you’ll have a fulfilling sexual experience if the condom doesn’t fit right. Extremely snug or loose condoms hinder the amount of sensations you feel, leading to the common cliché that you can’t feel a thing during sex if you’re using condoms.

                          On the other hand, the condom could either break or slip off during intercourse. Either of these situations would leave you and your partner exposed to the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy.

                          If you don’t like the idea of ending up with too much extra length – or if you have very generous dimensions and are genuinely concerned about the condom being too short – know that most condom widths are available in various lengths. For instance, 56mm condoms come in a variety of lengths between 180mm and 200mm.

                          How to boost sexual life with 56mm condoms?

                          Condoms serve to protect yourself and your partner from potential infections and pregnancy. However, using a condom doesn’t have to be a chore. There are many ways to use condoms creatively to boost sexy time for you and your partner alike. Here are a few ideas:

                          How to use 56mm condoms with a G-spot ring?

                          Using a 56mm condom with a G-spot ring is easy. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should use a condom larger than your usual size since the ring will increase your girth. The condom doesn’t have a protective function when used with a cock ring, but a small condom will most likely break due to friction and the vibrating action of the ring.

                          In some cases, bits of the broken condom could fall inside the vagina or anus, and these pieces are sometimes difficult to extract. If you live them inside the body, they could lead to infections.

                          With this in mind, a 56mm condom is ideal to use with a G-spot ring if you usually wear a 54mm or smaller condom.

                          To use it with the ring, you must first put on the ring on your fully erect penis, right under the penis head. This is the proper placement if you want to stimulate the G-spot or prostate. Once the ring is on, put on the condom as you usually would. Pay attention to rolling on the condom the right side up and apply lubricant if needed. That’s it. You can now have fun with your partner.

                          Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

                          What brands make 56mm condoms?

                          Most condom brands make 56mm condoms. You can choose from latex and latex-free options alike, from brands such as:

                          Where can I buy 56mm condoms?

                          You can find the best 56mm condoms right here at Condoms.uk. We stock a large variety of latex and non-latex condoms in standard and sensation options. All condoms you buy from us are genuine and sourced directly from brands or their official suppliers in the UK. Furthermore, we ship all our orders in discreet, non-branded packaging to protect your privacy. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our range of 56mm condoms to find the right ones for you.