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          Types of 53mm condoms

          Numerous men who use regular size condoms may find that a 53mm condom fits just right. Condoms this size are on the snugger side, but they aren’t too tight – just perfect for those who like a bit of constriction down there during their intimate moments.

          But what kinds of 53mm condoms can you choose from? What is the difference between the various types of standard condoms? What sensation condoms can you use? Let’s find it out.

          Standard condoms

          Standard condoms are condoms with a smooth texture. Their role is to protect you against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, but their design means to be as discreet as possible. Some condoms in this range are so thin you won’t even remember you wear them. Others are thicker and intended for rough or anal sex.

          Standard condoms are usually tasteless and odourless. Some brands also offer a range of coloured condoms with a smooth texture, so you have plenty of options. Here are some of the most popular ones:

          Sensation condoms

          Sensations come in many forms. We can talk about tactile sensations, such as ribs and dots stimulating the vaginal walls, flavours, as well as cooling or warming sensations. If you want to boost your sexy time with a special condom, here are a few awesome options:

          Delay condoms

          Delay condoms are designed for men who want to delay ejaculation for one reason or another. Sometimes, you may want to last longer to intensify pleasure for your partner. If your partner needs longer stimulation, you may also want to delay ejaculation. Last but not least, men with premature ejaculation problems could also benefit from using delay condoms. Here are a few of your options:

          Are thin condoms safe?

          Yes. As long as you’re using a condom that fits just right, thin condoms are as safe as thicker condoms for oral sex and vaginal intercourse. You can also use thin condoms for anal sex, but you should apply abundant extra-lube to prevent the condom from breaking due to friction.

          Regarding fit, the condom should feel a bit snug on your penis without feeling too tight. A tight condom can break, especially if it is thin. On the contrary, a loose condom might slide off. Because you’ll hardly feel a thin condom, you might not notice if the condom breaks or slides off your penis, leaving you exposed to the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

          Will I feel anything through a thick condom?

          Yes. The key is buying a condom that fits just right. If the condom fits snugly on your penis, you should feel your partner without being bothered by the barrier.

          Do delay condoms cause erectile dysfunction?

          No. Delay condoms use natural extracts or mild anaesthetics to reduce sensations temporarily. The numbing effect can last anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, but the substances can’t affect your overall performance. The only thing that can cause erectile dysfunction is a small condom that restricts blood flow.

          Are there alternatives to delay condoms?

          Yes. If you can’t find a delay condom that fits right, you can use delay wipes before rolling on your usual condom or add a drop of delay lubricant inside your condom. No matter what you use, remember to apply the numbing agent at least 10 minutes before intercourse.

          Can I use ribbed and dotted condoms for anal sex?

          Of course, you can. There is no rule saying that ribbed and dotted condoms should be used for vaginal sex alone. As long as your partner enjoys it, you can use textured condoms for all types of sex. Because the anus doesn’t benefit from natural lubrication, you should coat the condoms with plenty of water-based or silicone-based lubricant before penetration, and you can also add extra lube during intercourse if needed.

          Where to buy 53mm condoms?

          You can buy 53mm condoms online right here at Browse our range to find the best condoms for you.