What brands make 49mm condoms?

If regular condoms are too big for you, the 49mm condoms could fit just right. But what brands make 49mm condoms? Are they all classic, or do you also have any sensation options? Let’s find out.

Glyde condoms

Glyde is one of the most popular condom brands. The company is known for its premium quality products made of the finest natural rubber latex. A pioneer in the vegan condoms world, Glyde uses patented technologies to make their sheaths resistant yet thin enough to allow for an almost natural feel. Glyde’s 49mm condoms are called Slim Fit and are available in three options:

All Glyde Slim Fit condoms are manufactured with the patented “double dipping” technology that adds strength whilst maintaining the condom thickness to a minimum. The rubbers are soft and delicate on the skin. They are suitable for people with sensitive skin but not suitable for people with latex allergies.

ON condoms

ON is a German brand owned by R&S Consumer Goods. The company owns other condom brands, too, including popular MY.SIZE and Vitalis.

ON condoms are aimed at a younger target. They are more affordable than MY.SIZE or Vitalis, but deliver the same safety and quality.

ON’s 49mm condoms are called Little Tiger, a playful name that will surely lighten up the mood in the bedroom. These condoms have the same length as Glyde, 170mm, but at 0.070mm, they are slightly thicker – a better choice if you need a small size condom for rough or anal sex.

Like Glyde, they are made of natural rubber latex and have a smooth texture on both sides.

Pasante condoms

Pasante is another popular brand in the condoms world. Their options include natural latex and non-latex condoms, although their 49mm option is made of latex.

Pasante Trim condoms have the same thickness as ON – 0.070mm – but are longer (180mm). Those extra centimetres make them perfect for men who need a snugger condom to accommodate on a generous length.

Like Glyde condoms, Pasante Trim is vegan and suitable for most people. Their smooth texture reduces irritation due to friction. Despite their thickness, the condoms allow for a wide range of movement and feel like nothing between partners.

EXS condoms

EXS is one of the biggest condom manufacturers in the UK. The brand is owned by LTC Healthcare, the same company that supplies condoms to the NHS and other family planning clinics throughout the country. EXS condoms are famous for their strength and flexibility, allowing you to abandon yourself to pleasure instead of worrying about irritation or condom breakage.

EXS Snug Fit condoms stand in-between Pasante and Glyde and ON, with their length of 176mm. They are 0.062mm thick and have an easy-on shape with a straight wall and teat end.

Like all other 49mm condoms, they’re made of natural rubber latex. Since January 2021, EXS condoms are vegan certified by the Vegan Society; thus, they are more than suitable for people concerned about casein or those who lead a vegan lifestyle.

MY.SIZE condoms

From the same manufacturer as ON, MY.SIZE condoms impress with their quality and attractive price tag. But what makes these condoms special is the wide range of sizes you can choose from. Not only do they make 49mm condoms, but if you need an extra-small condom, a 47mm variant is also available from the brand.

MY.SIZE 49mm condoms are made of natural rubber latex and have a length of 160mm. This makes them the shortest 49mm condoms available, but that isn’t a bad thing. Considering that the average erect penis size varies from 13 to 18 centimetres, having an option for a shorter condom could be ideal if you don’t want to be left with lots of extra length.

Relatively thin compared to other condoms in this class, MY.SIZE 49mm is 0.05mm thick and feels very smooth on the skin. These condoms also boast an anatomical fit, and, like all condoms sold in the UK, they are electronically tested for safety. Get them in packs of 10 or 36 condoms.

Are all 49mm condoms made of latex?

Yes. Currently, all small and extra-small condoms are made of natural rubber latex and could cause allergic reactions or anaphylaxis if you or your partner has an allergy to latex.

What alternatives do I have?

The first thing that comes to mind when looking for a 49mm non-latex condom is going up a notch and buying a regular size condom. We wouldn’t recommend you to do so, though. While small condoms have a nominal width of less than 50mm, the smallest regular size condoms are 52mm wide.

It may not seem as much, but four millimetres make the difference between a condom that fits just right and one that might slide off during intercourse.

If you don’t want to risk it, the wisest thing to do is to ask your partner to use an internal (female) condom. Female condoms look more or less like male condoms in that they have a pouch shape. However, they are larger and designed to sit inside the vagina. A silicone or rubber ring adheres to the vaginal walls and keeps the condom in place during intercourse.

The main difference between male and female condoms – design apart – is that most female condoms are made of synthetic latex-like material, usually polyisoprene or polyurethane.

Since polyisoprene and polyurethane are plastics, they can’t cause allergic reactions. These materials are the same used to make non-latex condoms for men, so you can rest assured they’re safe for people with sensitivities.

If you are allergic to latex and need a condom for oral sex, you could cover your penis with a dental dam or a female condom.

Dental dams are designed for cunnilingus and are meant to cover a woman’s genitals while she receives oral sex. Many people also use dental dams for anilingus (mouth to anus), but they can also be used to cover the penis as long as your partner holds them carefully in place while performing oral sex.

Like female condoms, dental dams are made of polyisoprene, although some brands also make latex dental dams. Thus, you should check before buying if you’re allergic to latex.

What happens if I use a smaller or bigger condom?

Some men use smaller or bigger condoms occasionally with good results, but it all depends on how bigger or smaller the condom is.

Wearing a condom that’s a size smaller than your regular size may help you delay ejaculation. Delayed ejaculation is the result of the condom’s constrictive effect, and you may want to use a smaller condom if your partner needs longer stimulation.

However, using a smaller condom each time you have sex isn’t recommended. By constricting blood flow, a small condom could cause erectile dysfunction in the long run.

A smaller condom may also break during intercourse due to the pressure on it. Needless to say that a broken condom leaves you exposed to the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy.

Furthermore, wearing a smaller condom can be downright painful. If you want to enjoy sexy time to the fullest, the best thing to do is to wear a condom that fits just right.

Wearing a bigger condom, on the other hand, is only recommended for oral sex or if you want to a G-spot vibrating ring hold in place. In the first circumstance, remember that you or your partner should hold the condom firm at the base of your penis. That said, some men claim safe oral sex is more enjoyable when wearing a larger size condom.

When it comes to G-spot rings, these sex toys should be placed right under the penis head. They must be used with a condom. The condom’s role is to hold the cock ring firmly on your penis, preventing it from falling off during intercourse.

If you plan to use this type of accessory, remember that you should use a larger size condom that is big enough to accommodate your width with the ring on. Otherwise, the condom could break, and the ring could fall off.

However, you will not be protected against sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy when rolling a condom over the cock ring. The extra width prevents the condom from adhering to your skin; thus, body fluids (such as vaginal fluids and semen) could get in and out of the condom. For this reason, you should only use this combo if both you and your partner have been tested for STDs and if you’re not concerned about an unwanted pregnancy – either because you’re using another form of birth control or because you don’t mind your partner getting pregnant.

Alternative uses aside, don’t use a bigger condom just because you think it might feel more comfortable. The condom should fit snugly on your penis, or it might fall off during intercourse. Retrieving a condom from your partner’s vagina or anus isn’t exciting, and you may sometimes have to seek medical help to have the condom removed. Furthermore, you’ll be exposed to STDs.

Are 49mm condoms suitable for oral sex?

Yes. All condoms are suitable for oral sex. Some people may not like the smell and taste of latex. In this case, you can use flavoured condoms or use a flavoured lubricant with the condoms you use regularly.

Flavoured condoms and lubes should only be used for oral sex unless otherwise stated on their package. The reason is that flavoured condoms and lubes contain sugar, an ingredient that could cause a vaginal yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis if introduced inside the vagina.

My partner likes ribbed and dotted condoms. What are my options?

While you won’t be able to find ribbed and dotted condoms in this size, there are many accessories you can use to satisfy your partner. For instance, you can use a vibrating cock ring – the kind that rolls all the way down to the base of your penis – to stimulate her clitoris during intercourse.

However, you should never use a ribbed and dotted condom in a bigger size, either on its own or rolled over a 49mm condom. In the first case, the condom might fall off. In the latter, the friction between the condoms may cause them to break.

Where can I buy 49mm condoms?

You can buy 49mm condoms right here at Condoms.uk. We stock a wide range of tasteless, flavoured, and coloured 49mm condoms made of silky smooth, natural rubber latex. Besides, we also stock a wide range of intimate lubricants and accessories that can enhance your sexual experiences. When you buy from us, you can rest assured all condoms and products are genuine and that they will be delivered in discreet packaging.

How can I remember to buy condoms on time?

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