Unless you live under a bridge or on Mars, you probably know that men and women are different. And those differences go beyond physical appearance and into the bedroom. Women have different needs than men regarding pleasure, so why should they settle for condoms designed primarily with male pleasure in mind?

Finding the best condoms for women can be tricky - and finding condoms that provide protection and pleasure takes a bit of research. But don’t worry; we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll share some of the best condoms for women available on the market today.

Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Feel

In maximising female pleasure during sex, ultra-thin latex (or polyisoprene if your partner is sensitive or allergic to latex) is best as it offers increased sensitivity compared to regular block latex. This makes the condom feel more natural and increases the likelihood of enjoying sex.

In addition to ultra-thin condoms, look for extra features such as ribbing, dots or studs, which can increase stimulation and make sex more pleasurable. Some condoms are pre-lubricated with a lubricant designed specifically for women, making them even more comfortable.

If a latex allergy prevents you from being able to use natural rubber latex, there are still lots of condom options that are designed for female pleasure. Be aware that lambskin condoms are not as effective at preventing sexually transmitted infections as latex or polyisoprene condoms.

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Feeling Natural - Durex

Durex’s “Feeling Natural” line is perfect if you want to give your partner extra pleasure while keeping yourself protected. These condoms are made from ultra-thin latex and come in various sizes and shapes to suit different body types.

They also feature ribs along the length of the shaft for added stimulation - both during penetration and for clitoral stimulation. Click the link to see the product.

Best Pleasure - Trojan

Trojan’s “Double Ecstasy” condom is ideal for making sex more pleasurable. Trojan makes the Best Pleasure condoms from premium latex, which makes them incredibly thin and highly sensitive. They also feature raised dots along the length for extra stimulation during penetration, and the base of the condom has a wave design that adds even more sensation.

The best part about these condoms is that they come pre-lubricated with a special lubricant designed to enhance female pleasure - making them perfect if your partner needs extra help getting aroused or staying lubricated during sex. Click the link for Double Ecstasy.

Latex Free Options - Skyn Original

If your partner has an allergy or sensitivity to latex, Skyn Original condoms are an excellent option. Skyn makes Latex-Free condoms from a revolutionary material called polyisoprene, which has clinically proven to be as effective as regular latex condoms in preventing STIs and pregnancy.

They also have ultra-thin properties that make them highly sensitive and provide extra pleasure during sex. These condoms feature a lightly textured surface to increase stimulation during penetration and a special lubricant designed for women’s pleasure. Check out the full SKYN range.

Ultra-Thin - Lifestyles SKYN Elite

If you’re looking for the best in ultra-thin condoms, look no further than Lifestyle’s Skyn Elite line. These condoms are made from the thinnest latex on the market, providing a feeling of almost nothing between you and your partner. Not only do they protect against STIs, but they also increase pleasure for both partners during sex.

They feature ribs along the length of the condom to provide extra stimulation during penetration and are pre-lubricated with a special lubricant designed specifically for women’s pleasure.

Not all condoms are made for men; it’s possible to buy a female condom designed by women for women.

So Sexy Female Condoms

So Sexy Female Condoms are a revolutionary female-designed condom designed to be pleasurable for both partners. This unique design features an inner ring that provides extra stimulation during penetration and is made from ultra-thin latex with pre-lubrication to increase pleasure.

The best part about these condoms is that they come in various sizes, so you can choose one that fits best. They’re also hypoallergenic and free of spermicide, making them safe and comfortable for all skin types.

Textured, Ribbed or Dotted Condoms

How a woman reaches a climax is entirely different from how a man orgasms. That’s why textured, ribbed or dotted condoms can provide extra internal and external stimulation during sex, helping a woman reach orgasm faster and more intensely.

If you wonder what are the advantages of ribbed and dotted condoms, there are plenty! Dotted and ribbed condoms provide more stimulation for both parties.

These types of condoms are usually made from ultra-thin latex with raised surfaces along their length to increase pleasure for both partners. They’re pre-lubricated with a special lubricant designed specifically for women’s pleasure, making them even more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you want to enjoy safe anal sex, we suggest that you use extra thick anal sex condoms for maximum protection. You can find out more about staying safe during anal sex in our blog.

Still not sure which condoms are going to be the best? Read our article Which condoms are the best? to find out which are the most popular condoms and why.

Other Ways to Enhance Women’s Sexual Pleasure

Apart from choosing the best condom for pleasure, there are additional products that you can use to enhance female pleasure during sex. Sex toys such as vibrators, stimulating lubricants and Trojan Tandem - Couples Vibrating Ring are all great ways to increase pleasure for both partners.

Using these products with condoms can be a great way to make sex more pleasurable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Alternative enhancements are fun and inventive. Look at the entire range of accessories by clicking the link.

EXS Luxury Vibrating Panty with Remote Control

The EXS is a very seductive panty with a secret within it. The EXS Luxury Vibrating Panty with a Remote Control elevates the concept of sensual lingerie. These upscale underwear items feature a tiny vibrating bullet concealed in a pouch in the crotch area that is intended to provide you with moments of pleasure whenever and wherever you choose.

This luxurious panty comprises soft, leopard-print fabric on the front and gorgeous black lace on the rear. It is comfortable to wear yet sinfully seductive. You’ll find all the ideas you need for sensual foreplay in the satin ribbons and the buttocks slit.

The vibrator for bullets is quiet and unobtrusive. You can turn on the remote control after being placed inside the pouch. The EXS vibrating pants are the most fun you can have in public with your clothes on.

If you want to increase pleasure and intensify your orgasms, plenty of options are available. From ultra-thin condoms explicitly designed for women to sex toys like vibrators, lubricants and vibrating rings - there’s something out there that can help make sex more pleasurable for both partners.

Explore these products and find the best one for you and your partner to have the best sexual experience possible!

Can You Get Pregnant with a Condom?

Even though condoms are a very effective form of contraceptive, it is still possible to get pregnant using a condom. Using thicker condoms and making sure they are a good fit will help to reduce the chances of pregnancy.

Jan 23, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh