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              The English Dictionary defines novelty as “something new, unusual or different”. Novelty condoms are precisely that; they are condoms with a fun and exciting twist. They can be coloured, flavoured, ribbed and even glow in the dark!

              Whether you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your sex life or just want to buy something fun for yourself or as a gift for someone else, novelty condoms offer an array of possibilities.

              What are Novelty Condoms?

              Novelty condoms encompass any condom that provides something different from what you can find in the broader marketplace. While regular condoms usually come in plain colours such as transparent/natural, brown or black, novelty condoms are generally brightly coloured in reds, greens, pinks, blues and all rainbow colours. Besides the colour, novelty condoms come in different shapes, sizes, textures, flavours, and scents.

              Who Makes Novelty Condoms?

              Some popular manufacturers make novelty condoms, including EXS, Pasante, Durex, Glyde and Vitalis. These brands provide an array of various options when it comes to selecting a novelty condom. From coloured and flavoured condoms to ribbed or studded versions – there’s something for everyone!

              How Are Novelty Condoms Different To Regular Condoms?

              The main difference between regular condoms and novelty condoms is that they provide an element of fun. While regular condoms typically serve merely as contraception, novelty condoms offer something extra. Novelty condoms can be used for the same purpose as regular condoms (i.e. to prevent sexually transmitted infections and/or pregnancy) but are often more colourful and exciting.

              Why Choose Novelty Condoms?

              Novelty condoms offer a great way to spice up your sex life without having to do too much work. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours and in various flavours and scents that are sure to tantalise the taste buds. Plus, they’re usually quite affordable when compared to regular condoms.

              Are Novelty Condoms Better Than Regular Condoms?

              When it comes to choosing between regular condoms and novelty condoms, it depends on personal preference. Standard condoms are usually made from a thicker material than novelty condoms, so some people may find regular condoms more reliable or effective when preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

              On the other hand, novelty condoms are often thinner and provide a more pleasurable experience due to their added features (such as ribs, studs or different flavours). The decision is ultimately up to the individual.

              Are Ribbed and Dotted Condoms Considered Novelty?

              Yes! Ribbed and dotted condoms are technically considered novelty condoms, as they offer something different from plain-coloured or smooth condoms.

              Calling ribbed and dotted condoms a novelty makes it sound like they are not a serious option. This definition of novelty could not be further from the truth; ribbed, dotted, studded, or a combination of those things have the bonus of extra stimulation.

              Who Buys Novelty Condoms?

              Novelty condoms can be bought by anyone looking for something fun and exciting in the bedroom. From teenagers experimenting with different textures to couples wanting to add a bit of extra spice – there’s no one-size fits for novelty condoms.

              Whether you’re looking to buy something special for yourself, surprise your partner with a gift or want something different from the usual, novelty condoms are great options. They provide an enjoyable experience while maintaining their primary purpose of preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

              For those seeking a unique addition to their sex life, novelty condoms are worth considering! With so many varieties available on the market today, there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy. So why not give them a try? You won’t regret it!

              Novelty Condom Buying Tips and Tricks

              There are a few condom pointers you need to get right before you spend your hard-earned cash on your novelty condom stash.

              The first and most crucial thing is to make sure you choose the correct size condom. A novelty condom (or any condom, come to that) will not work if it’s too small or large. The right size condom is also essential for getting the most out of the experience when you use them.

              Second, make sure you buy novelty condoms from a reputable retailer with plenty of positive reviews. Condoms that have a KiteMark Logo will ensure you get high-quality condoms that are safe to use and won’t break easily during use.

              Third, read up on all the different types of novelty condoms available and find out what kind would be best for you—research which textures work best for your partner and find ones that offer pleasure and protection.

              Fourth, never use expired condoms. Always double-check the expiration date on any condom you buy, and make sure to replace your stock regularly with fresh condoms.

              Lastly, always use novelty condoms with a water-based lubricant to ensure they slide on smoothly and increase comfort during sex.

              At Condoms.uk, we have all types of novelty condoms, including coloured, flavoured and ribbed varieties, so check out our selection today! With so many options available, you can find something that suits your needs.

              Whether you’re looking for novelty condoms for yourself or as a gift for someone else, they offer an array of possibilities. They can turn any dull sex life into something truly magical. So why not give them a try? You won’t regret it.