It's time to laugh and get serious about condom slogans and sayings. We've gathered some of the funniest condom slogans from around the world, plus trojan condom slogans that can help you keep it safe in the bedroom. So grab your favourite box of condoms, take a deep breath and dive into these funny condom sayings that will make you wish you had a condom with you wherever you go.

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What are Condom Slogans?

Condom slogans are short phrases or messages marketing teams use to promote condom use. They are often humorous, and manufacturers use slogans in packaging and advertising campaigns to make their products stand out.

Why are The British Funny About Sex?

Is it me, or is the British public really uptight about sex and condoms? Do we rely on jokes, funny names and the around-about-the-house way to discuss an important subject?

The answer is yes; this great love of innuendo appears to be a uniquely British phenomenon. However, other countries make fun of double meanings and crude jokes, and no one sniggers at willy jokes like the British.

To reiterate the point, here's what others call condoms worldwide - slang terms only, or it wouldn't be funny :)

Germany: 'Naughty bags.'

Go into any drug store, shop or pharmacy, anywhere in Germany and ask for a 'lumelle', and you'll ask for a naughty bag (a literal translation). Ask for a 'condom' (with a K) instead.

Denmark: 'Rubber man.'

The most common term for a condom in Denmark is 'gummimand', meaning 'rubber man'. The official Danish word is also 'Kondon', but others will have you believe it's 'svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel'. Well, the artistic license means that word actually means contraceptive. Near but not close enough.

Albania: 'Prezervativi'

The word for condoms in Albania is 'Prezervativi'. It's a great example of the language used to make condom use more approachable and comfortable.

Thailand: ຖົງຢາງອະນາໄມ or thong yang anamai

The condom word in Thai is 'thong yang anamai', which literally means 'rubber thing'. It's straightforward but a bit embarrassing to ask for at the pharmacy. Especially if you are British, so just ask for a condom. It's safer in the long run.

Greece: Προφυλακτικό or Profylaktikó

Προφυλακτικό might be all Greek to us, but condom use in Greece is an everyday thing (lucky them), so condom slogans and sayings abound. The word for a condom in Greek is 'Profylaktikó'. Greeks have a great sense of humour when it comes to condom use - ask any Greek if they know the 'Greeks do it better' condom ad campaign from STOP.

Now that we have worked out what's happening in the world, let's look at the benefits of using a condom.

The Benefits of Using Condoms

All joking aside, using condoms is an essential part of safe sex. They are a great way to protect yourself and your partner from STIs (sexually transmitted infections), including HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. Not only can condom slogans make condom use more appealing, but they also help people become aware of the health risks associated with unprotected sex.

Funny Condom Slogans & Sayings

Ready to get serious about condom safety? Here are some funny condom slogans that will make you think twice before having unprotected sex:

  • Don't be silly; wrap your willie!
  • If you think she's spunky, cover your monkey!
  • Love is cleaner with a packaged wiener.
  • Cover your stump before you hump.
  • If you're not going to sack it, go home and whack it.

Trojan Condom Slogans

Regarding condom slogans, Trojan has some of the best ones out there. Here are some of their most popular condom slogans:

  • Trust Trojan for a night to remember, not regret.
  • Don't get caught without one.
  • Get your mind in the game and; your condom in place.
  • Get ready when she's ready with Trojan condom protection.

So next time you reach for a condom or think about having sex, remember these condom slogans and ensure everyone is protected and safe! It helps always to be prepared. Just remember, no condom, no sex.

Here are a few extra funny condom slogans that we made up. Why not join in with a few suggestions?

  • Treat your meat before you eat.
  • Slip into something less dangerous.
  • Cover up your love bug.
  • Before you pour, wrap your score.

Funny but Poignant Condom Marketing Campaigns

Durex is one of the leading condom manufacturers in the world and has never been afraid to push boundaries regarding condom marketing. Last year, they launched their ‘Ladies, let's lube’ campaign to raise awareness of condom use among young women. The campaign was a huge success and sparked conversations across social media platforms.

Durex revived the campaign this year for dry January. There's nothing dry about Durex, they make and sell the best condoms and products around, and their campaigns reflect their dedication to condom safety.

The comedian Katherine Ryan was also featured in one of Durex's campaigns titled ‘Be Ready When She's Ready’. The campaign is a hilarious take on relationships and encourages people to keep themselves safe from STDs with condom use.

Not to be outdone, advertising agency VaynerMedia London and Durex use social media and influencers to get their message across.

The agency's first campaign, ‘Fit Matters’, targets customers. The advertisement features rugby player for England and Calm ambassador Joe Marler and health expert Dr Emeka Okorocha in a great post to raise awareness in a friendly but informed way. Because fit really matters, read more about choosing the right size condom.

The Most Successful Condom Ad Campaigns Ever

Here are three icon campaigns that lead the way back in the early 2000s:

  1. Up Ya Bum - This condom ad campaign by Australia in 2006 was highly successful in promoting condom use among the LGBTQ+ community, and it set a high bar for condom marketing campaigns that followed.
  2. GET IT ON - The Sydney Gay Games campaign from the “Get It On” series in 2002 featured many celebrities, including Alan Cumming and Brooke Shields, to promote condom safety during gay pride events. The ads were highly effective and memorable!
  3. SLIP IT ON - In 2009, “Slip It On” took inspiration from 1960s pop art and a banana to produce an iconic image to encourage the use of condoms. This campaign featured in the Tate Modern is another example of condom marketing contributing to condom safety.


Condom slogans are an effective tool in condom safety campaigns, and they can be used to raise awareness around condom use in a fun but informative way. By choosing the right condom slogans, you can ensure you’re keeping yourself and your partner safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancies. So why not get creative and come up with some funny condom sayings? And don’t forget - always wrap before tapping!

Feb 2, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh