Getting over-excited and ejaculating too quickly is a common problem for most men, and it can leave you feeling embarrassed and unsatisfied. Premature ejaculation (PE) affects many men, but the good news is that plenty of options are available to help slow ejaculation. One solution that has become increasingly popular over the last few years is ejaculation delay spray.

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What Is Premature Ejaculation Or PE?

Premature ejaculation (PE) can occur when a man ejaculates during sex before his partner wishes him to do so. It can happen during any kind of sexual stimulation, including masturbation. PE can be frustrating for you and your partner as it may lead to unsatisfactory experiences in the bedroom.

The condition can also significantly impact your self-confidence and cause unnecessary anxiety or relationship problems if not tackled early in your relationship.

What Can I Do About Premature Ejaculation?

If ejaculating too quickly is causing you distress or disrupting your sex life and relationships, there are things you can do to improve the situation. As with any medical issue, it’s always best to seek professional advice from your GP. Once you have a diagnosis, your healthcare professional may recommend treatment options such as therapy, medication or ejaculation delay spray - or a combination of remedies.

What Is Delay Spray?

Ejaculation delay sprays help prolong ejaculation times by numbing the penis and reducing sensitivity. They come in water- or oil-based formulas, both of which contain a topical anaesthetic that helps to give you more control over ejaculation.

The active ingredient in ejaculation delay sprays is usually lidocaine, benzocaine, or a similar numbing agent. Numbing agents desensitise the penis, making it less sensitive and allowing it to last longer during sex. Most ejaculation delay sprays work instantly, and you’ll start noticing results after the first few uses.

How To Use Delay Spray Effectively

Follow these steps for using ejaculation delay spray effectively:

  1. Wash your hands before use - Make sure your hands are clean before applying any ejaculation delay product, as this will help prevent any irritation or infection from occurring.
  2. Apply the ejaculation delay spray to your penis - Hold the ejaculation delay spray canister about 10cm away from your penis and start spraying it in a circular motion. Be careful not to get any on yourself, clothes or bed linen, as this could cause skin irritation or unpleasant stains.
  3. Allow time for the ejaculation delay spray to be absorbed - It’s essential to give the ejaculation delay product enough time to absorb into your penis before engaging in sexual activity. Depending on which ejaculation-delay product you’re using, this will usually take around 5-10 minutes to experience the full effect.
  4. Reapply as required - You may need several applications of ejaculation delay spray before you reach your desired level of ejaculation delay. Reapply ejaculation delay spray as needed and allow the product to be fully absorbed each time before continuing sexual activity.
  5. Wash off ejaculation delay spray after use - While ejaculation-delay sprays are generally safe, it is vital to wash them off thoroughly when finished using them and before engaging in oral sex or other intimate activities.

Which Delay Spray Should I Choose?

Delay Spray is usually made of lidocaine or benzocaine, both safe numbing agents. Lidocaine is a more potent anaesthetic, so if you're looking for a more intense ejaculation delay effect, it's best to go with this option.

Benzocaine is a milder ejaculation-delaying agent, so if you prefer less intensity or want to try out ejaculation-delay sprays for the first time, it may be worth giving this one a go.

Here are the best Delay Sprays or premature ejaculation sprays on the market today:

Clove oil is the active element in EXS Endurance Delay Spray, which promises a natural, paraben-free formulation. You can use it as frequently as you like without being concerned about adverse effects because it doesn't include lidocaine or benzocaine. Clove oil's moderate numbing effects achieve natural ejaculation delay and endurance enhancement.

EXS Endurance Delay Spray is applied without the mess and is simple to use thanks to the spray bottle. For you or your partner to last longer than expected, all it needs is one or two sprays on the erect penis head around 10 minutes before sexual activity. Its skin-friendly composition makes it appropriate for condom use as well.

ESX Delay Spray

Easily portable six-wipe packs of EXS Endurance Delay Wipes are available. These wipes may improve your or your partner's sexual performance by including clove oil. EXS Endurance Delay Wipes are your product if early ejaculation ruins your performance or if you want to last a little longer than usual.

EXS Endurance Delay Wipes are easy to use and clean up after themselves. Apply the wipe to the penis ten to fifteen minutes before sexual activity. Wrap the wipe around the penis for two to three minutes while rolling the foreskin back onto it.

EXS Delay Spray Plus is condom compatible and suitable for relationships. There's no need to worry if the preferred condoms you like don't have a delay variation. Use your preferred condoms as you usually would, but to help you last longer, put a little EXS Delay Spray+ on first. You can use EXS Delay Spray Plus up to 25 minutes before sexual activity. Before getting started, give yourself enough time for covert application and foreplay.

This EXS spray for improving performance comes in a convenient spray bottle. It includes the necessary usage guidance. Delay Spray Plus has been dermatologist tested and shown to be compliant, and EXS is delighted to be a British company.

ESX Delay Spray+

How Much Delay Spray Is Too Much?

Most product instructions say to start with two or three sprays. It’s okay to start with less and adjust. In fact, it’s best to start with a lower number of sprays and see how you feel.

Using too much ejaculation-delay spray can desensitise your penis too much, making it difficult for ejaculation to occur at all. Too little ejaculation delay spray may not give you the desired effect.

Do Viagra And Delay Spray Go Well Together?

No, you should not use Viagra and ejaculation delay spray together. The numbing effect of ejaculation-delay sprays can counteract the effects of Viagra, so it’s best to take one or the other to get the most out of your sexual experience.

Sometimes throwing the kitchen sink at a problem (metaphorically speaking) can only make matters worse. So decide if you want to use Viagra or Delay Spray. In our opinion, Delay Spray is very effective and less intrusive than Viagra.

What Can I Use With Delay Spray To Enhance The Pleasure?

Delay sprays are a great way to help with ejaculation control, but they can also be used in combination with other products and techniques to enhance your pleasure. Here’s some advice on how you can use ejaculation delay spray in conjunction with other methods for maximum enjoyment:

  1. Use ejaculation delay cream or lubricant. Ejaculation delay creams and lubricants work the same way as ejaculation-delay sprays but often contain different numbing agents that provide an even longer-lasting effect. Try using them together for an even stronger ejaculation-delay effect!
  2. Masturbate beforehand - Masturbating before having sex is an effective way to take the edge off and help you last longer in bed. It can also help lessen the intensity of ejaculation delay sprays and reduce your risk of over-sensitisation.
  3. Try different positions - Experimenting with different sexual positions is a great way to increase pleasure and slow down ejaculation without relying solely on ejaculation delay products. Choose positions that encourage deeper penetration, such as doggy style or woman-on-top, which can help you last longer during intercourse.
  4. Take breaks - Taking frequent breaks during sex can keep things exciting and prevent premature ejaculation from occurring. When taking a break, it’s important to remember to reapply the ejaculation delay spray before resuming activity for maximum effectiveness.

Try Delay Condoms

Delay condoms are another ejaculation-delaying product that can be used with ejaculation-delay sprays for a longer-lasting effect. Delay condoms usually contain benzocaine, a milder numbing agent than lidocaine and help reduce sensitivity during sex.

Using ejaculation-delay spray and delay condoms can help you last even longer in bed, so it’s worth trying out this combination if you find that ejaculation-delay products alone aren’t sufficient.

Combine Products For The Best Results

While combining Viagra and Delay Spray is not recommended, we recommend various products that can be combined to enhance your sex life. Try a combination of ejaculation-delay sprays, ejaculation-delay creams, delay condoms and lubricants to get the best possible results.

Remember that ejaculation-delay products should not be used as a substitute for healthy sexual practices; they are meant to supplement them to enhance your pleasure. Find what works best for you, experiment with different combinations of ejaculation delay products and enjoy the experience.

Take Away

The critical takeaway is to remember that ejaculation-delay products are designed to help you last longer in bed, but they require proper use and experimentation to find a combination that works for you. Start with low doses of ejaculation-delay spray and work up until you find what works best. If things become too uncomfortable, it’s essential to stop and take a break before resuming activity. And finally, don’t forget to have fun!

We hope this blog post has prompted you to learn more about ejaculation-delay products and how to use them for maximum pleasure.

Jan 12, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh