Heard the expression, get a little help from your friends? When we say friends and help, we mean friendly sex educators. This how-to article will help you gain insight from sex educators about using Durex Vibrating Bullet for maximum pleasure and satisfaction.

So you’ve got your hands on the Durex Vibrating Bullet – but what now? How do you make sure that you use it correctly and safely? What will make your experience with the Durex bullet even more enjoyable? Read on to learn how to use a Durex Vibrating bullet for maximum effect with minimum fuss.

Let’s start by discussing what a Durex Vibrating Bullet is and why it’s a fantastic tool to add to your sexual arsenal. A bullet vibrator is a small, discrete device designed to be inserted and used internally or externally during sexual activity. You can use the bullet in various ways, typically held against the clitoris or around the vagina, for direct stimulation.

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Shape and Design of the Durex Vibrating Bullet

The shape and design of the Durex Vibrating Bullet are what make it ideal for providing intense clitoral stimulation. The bullet is made of soft, body-safe material and has a round shape, providing a comfortable fit against the body. It also has an easy-to-use control switch that lets you change between different settings.

The bullet is battery-operated, it would be weird to plug it in, after all, and it has an impressive range of vibration patterns and speed settings. A range of settings means you can enjoy a variety of experiences with your bullet, from light teasing vibrations to fast, intense orgasms.

Is the Durex Play Bullet Waterproof?

Yes! The bullet is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath without worrying about getting it wet. This makes it even more versatile and enjoyable as you can explore pleasure in different ways, in other places, all with adjustable settings.

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator

If you’re new to using vibrators, a bullet vibrator is a perfect place to start. Here’s how to use a bullet vibrator for the first time:

  1. Get ready – Relax and set up your environment as you like, ensuring you have enough privacy and space to move around freely. Depending on what makes you feel most comfortable, you may want to dim the lights or light candles – or you might not.
  2. Turn it on – You can turn your bullet vibrator on by pressing the button located at the base of the vibrator. Start with low intensity and increase if desired.
  3. Get to know your bullet – Allow yourself time to get used to how it feels against your skin, playing around with different speeds and intensities. Trial and error will help you determine which settings work best for you and which angles provide the most pleasure.
  4. Explore your body – Use the Durex Vibrating Bullet externally and internally, moving it around and focusing on areas that feel particularly sensitive or enjoyable to figure out where you like it best and how hard or soft you would like the vibrations.
  5. Enjoy – Once you’ve found your sweet spot, focus on your breath and let go as you experience pleasure with each vibration. Now is also an excellent opportunity to explore different fantasies or think of something that turns you on so you can get into the flow and stay there.

Are Bullet Vibrators Good?

Yes, absolutely! Bullet vibrators are an excellent way to add more excitement and stimulation to solo or partnered sex – they provide direct, targeted stimulation without taking up too much space. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use toy that can be used in various ways (both internally and externally), then a bullet vibrator is a great choice.

Using the Durex Vibrating Bullet

The best way to use the bullet is to team it up with some lubricant. Durex makes a vast range of lubes, from Durex Strawberry Pleasure Gel to Durex Warming Pleasure Gel. Warming pleasure heats up the action. When natural lubrication is insufficient, this personal lubricant is an excellent option because it warms you up and relieves the symptoms of vaginal dryness.

All water-based lube is ideal for all types of sex and may be applied for vaginal, oral, or anal sex with toys. Durex designed the bullet to work with lubricant, and actually, it’s a good idea to use lube when you use the bullet to get the most out of your products.

Don’t Forget Other Erogenous Areas

The bullet works on all erogenous zones, and just in case you’re not sure where these are, here’s a list:

  1. Ears – Yes, ears are highly erogenous and ticklish, we suspect.
  2. Fingertips and palms – Your hands are incredibly erogenous, especially your fingertips.
  3. Nipples on men and women – Nipples communicate with the genital sensory cortex when stimulated.
  4. Inner thighs – Thighs and upper legs generally make for excellent sexual communication if stroked with intent.
  5. The underside of the feet – Your feet are sexual tools; ask anyone into toe-sucking.
  6. The clitoris – Obvious, we know, but actually, all around the vagina is sensitive to the right type of stimulation.
  7. Eyes – Or should we say I contact are very sexy. Please don’t take us literally on this one. No bullets in the eyes, please!

Now you’re clued up on the erogenous zones, and you know how to orgasm with a bullet vibrator; all left is to introduce some other Durex products that can spice up your sexual encounters.

A variation on the bullet but shaped like a ring for a man. This cock ring doesn’t vibrate or perform any fancy operations, but it fulfils its intended duty perfectly. Durex created the pleasure ring to prolong male climax and increase endurance with erection stimulation. These qualities make it simple to enhance the sexual experience for both you and your partner.

What do you get when you design a product that combines a Durex Vibrating Bullet with a Durex Pleasure Ring? It’s the Durex Intense Vibe Ring, of course! The Durex Intense Vibe Ring is a pleasant vibrating cock ring that provides both partners new experiences and more gratifying stimulation. This Durex cock ring is straightforward to use while providing up to 20 minutes of intense enjoyment.

We bring this how-to to a close by reminding you there’s no harm in getting a little help from your friends at Durex and Condoms.uk.

Mar 3, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh