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            Who manufactures Pasante condoms?

            Pasante is one of the most popular condom brands in the UK, but who manufactures them and can you trust the Pasante brand?

            Pasante is one of the many brand names Pasante Healthcare Ltd uses to label its sexual health products. The English company operates from its headquarters in West Sussex and manufactures its products to the highest British standards.

            All condoms and intimate lubricants under the Pasante brand are made of the highest quality raw materials and pass rigorous testing before being sold - just like all of the condom brands we stock right here at

            Pasante tests all of its condoms electronically and only sells products manufactured according to the ISO 13485 standards. Pasante lubes go through similar testing processes, following the same international standards.

            All products from the brand come supplied in packaging marked with the CE mark and BSI Kitemark, so you can rest assured the products are genuine and of the highest quality.

            What types of condoms does Pasante make?

            Like most condom brands, Pasante manufactures an extensive range of condoms for all users and desires. In broad lines, you can choose from the following categories:

            Pasante Standard

            The basic range of condoms from Pasante comprises the popular Pasante Naturelle and Pasante Regular condoms.

            Pasante Sizes

            This range of condoms comprises three different types designed to suit men with different penis sizes. The collection includes Pasante Regular, a condom style, and a size that fits most men. Besides the regular choice, you can also pick:

            Pasante Thickness

            Men who need a regular size but a thinner or thicker condom might find the right product in the Pasante thickness category. This range includes:

            Pasante Sensations

            A range of condoms designed to make sex more fun, the Pasante Sensations range includes an assortment of flavoured, textured, and special condoms.

            How do I choose the right Pasante condom?

            How many times did you hear your friends complain that they felt nothing when using a condom? How many times did you use a condom and only had a meh experience? Perhaps more than once. But did you know, an unsatisfactory sexual experience while wearing a condom is often the result of wearing the wrong condom?! Wearing the right condom is crucial to guarantee satisfaction and safety. Here's how to choose the right Pasante condom:

            Pick the right size

            Pasante condoms come in various sizes, from extra small to extra large. The easiest way to tell which is the right size for you is by measuring your penis girth (or circumference).

            To do this, all you need is a string, marker, and a ruler. Wrap the string around the thickest part of your erect penis and draw a line where the end of the string overlap. Use a ruler to measure the distance, and you've got your penis circumference.

            Now, use this number to select the right Pasante condom size for you. All Pasante condoms are long enough to accommodate various penis lengths, so as long as their width is correct, you don't have to worry about feeling constricted.

            Pick the right thickness

            Do you want skin-on-skin sensations, or would you rather sacrifice sensitivity for enhanced resistance? Pasante condoms have various thicknesses, the thinner ones being perfect for vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and mild anal sex.

            For rougher or anal sex, it is recommended to choose a regular or thicker condom, to prevent the sheath from breaking due to friction.

            Pasante condoms are available in four different thicknesses, so finding the right one shouldn't be difficult.

            Standard vs. Textured vs. Sensation condoms

            Another thing that can make or break the deal is the type of condom you use.

            Standard condoms are an excellent choice for situations when all you need is protection, but you want to keep sensations as close as possible to natural. Thinner condoms deliver an almost skin-on-skin feel, but as long as you wear the right size, no condom can come between you and your pleasure.

            Textured condoms are often a god-sent for women who need more prolonged or more careful stimulation. Dotted and ribbed patterns – either alone or combined – provide greater stimulation of the vaginal walls, enhancing pleasure and leading to orgasm faster.

            Sensation condoms can help in various situations and are very fun to use. Flavoured condoms are the most popular. Their sweet or fresh taste and pleasant smell make them an excellent choice for oral sex or to cover latex's odour.

            Warming and cooling effect condoms are designed to enhance pleasure for both partners, whilst delay effect condoms prevent premature ejaculation.

            Do Pasante condoms contain glycerine or parabens?

            Pasante condoms contain glycerine, which is a natural compound used in many skincare products due to its moisturising effect. Glycerine contained in Pasante condoms is of vegetal origin. However, Pasante condoms do not contain parabens or other pesky chemicals and are safe to use by people with sensitive skin.

            Do Pasante condoms contain casein?

            No. Pasante condoms do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, including casein. Casein is a protein found in milk and used in most latex condoms to add elasticity and improve resistance. Pasante condoms, however, are vegan friendly and do not contain it. These condoms are safe to use by people with gluten or casein intolerance or allergy.

            Are all Pasante condoms vegan friendly?

            We asked the question and Pasante replied emphatically! All Pasante products we stock (including condoms of all shapes and sizes) and lube are vegan friendly. Yes, that's correct - every single Pasante product stocked here at is vegan friendly!

            Can I use Pasante condoms for anal sex?

            Yes, all Pasante condoms can be used for anal sex. If you're looking for a specific product, Pasante Extra condoms should suit your needs. If you want to use a regular or thin condom for anal sex, we recommend lubricating your partner's rectal area with a water-based lubricant gel to facilitate penetration and reduce the risk of condom breakage. To reduce the chances of pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections, it's imperative you put on the condom correctly.

            How do I use Glow in the Dark Pasante condoms?

            Fun to use when you're looking for ways to bring novelty into your bedroom, Pasante Glow condoms contain a fluorescent agent and are very easy to use.

            Simply expose the condom to light for 5-10 minutes before using it. Then, put the condom on, turn the lights off, and enjoy its beautiful glow for up to half an hour.

            Can Pasante condoms cause an allergic reaction?

            Latex allergy is an uncommon condition affecting less than 1 in 1,000 people in the UK. However, in the rare case you or your partner are allergic to latex, Pasante latex condoms can cause an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to latex include rashes and hives in the areas that didn't come in contact with the condom, mild to moderate swelling and rashes in the area that came in contact with the condom, runny nose, congestion, and watery eyes. Typically, these symptoms cease as soon as you remove the condom.

            If you or your partner are allergic to latex, all you have to do is use a non-latex condom, such as Pasante Unique. Non-latex condoms are hypoallergenic and cannot cause an allergic reaction.

            What types of lubricants does Pasante make?

            Besides condoms, Pasante also manufactures a range of intimate lubricants compatible with all types of condoms and most sex toys.

            Pasante Gentle Light Lube

            Is a light, water-based lubricant suitable for people with sensitive skin. The lube doesn't contain parabens or other harmful chemicals. It is odourless, tasteless, and colourless; an excellent choice for alleviating the symptoms of vagina dryness. The product is condom-friendly, vegan, and hand-luggage approved.

            Pasante Silky TLC Lube

            Is an opaque yet odourless intimate lubricant with hybrid, water and silicone based formula. It is thicker than Pasante Gentle and lasts longer. Compatible with condoms, it is a great choice for anal sex or situations that require more lubrication.

            Pasante flavoured lubes

            This range of water-based lubricants featuring delicious flavours and scents. These lubes are perfect for oral sex or to cover the odour of latex condoms. Like all other lubes from the brand, the flavoured lubes are vegan, hand-luggage approved, and contain no pesky chemicals.

            How do I apply Pasante lube?

            Pasante lubricants are easy to apply. Simply squeeze a small quantity of lube on your fingers and gently rub it on your genital areas. You can always apply more lube if needed.

            Where can I buy Pasante condoms and lubes?

            Pasante condoms and lubes are available to purchase right here at We only stock and sell genuine Pasante condoms sourced directly from Pasante in the UK, so you can rest assured you will get authentic products that respect all safety standards. We also offer discreet delivery on every order, and FREE Royal Mail 24 Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £25+. So what are you waiting for? Place your Pasante order with us now!