What are snug fit condoms?

In a general understanding of the term, snug fit condoms are condoms designed for men who find standard, “regular” size condoms to be a bit too loose. This category includes small and extra small condoms, most of which are made of natural rubber latex.

If you need a small size condom but you or your partner are allergic to latex, you should consider using a female condom (made of polyurethane) instead.

In a more specific understanding, Snug Fit is a commercial name used by condom brand EXS for its variety of small condoms.

What size condoms are snug fit?

Snug fit condoms’ size can range from 45mm to 50mm. Most snug fit condoms on the market have a nominal width of 49mm.

Can I use snug fit condoms even if I generally wear regular size condoms?

Finding the right size condom can be daunting, especially if you haven’t used condoms before. The number of men using the wrong size condom is surprising, but most of them buy larger condoms instead of smaller ones.

Then, there is a category of men who like a snugger fit. They may have a regular size but buy small condoms anyway.

Using a smaller condom has one advantage – it could help you delay ejaculation. However, the risks that come with it are not worth it.

The main issue with using a snug fit condom if you’re normally wearing a regular size is that the condom could break. It is easy to understand that trying to cram something big into something small won’t work out well in most cases.

There are two possible outcomes if the condom breaks. In the first instance, the crack could be so small that you won’t notice it. Although you should be able to feel the change in pressure if the condom breaks during intercourse, keep in mind that you may be so lost in the heat of the moment that you won’t pay attention to this detail.

It goes without saying that you can end up with an accidental pregnancy, and you can also catch or transmit infections.

In the second scenario, the condom could burst out completely, and pieces of it may end up stuck inside your partner. Sure, the vagina is rather short, and you should be able to find the pieces without medical help. In some cases, though, you may not be able to remove the pieces of latex yourself, and seeking medical attention could be – quite frankly – embarrassing for both of you.

With this in mind, using a snug fit condom if you normally wear a regular size condom isn’t the wisest idea. If you like the snug feel of a condom or want to use a snug fit condom to delay ejaculation, know that there are alternative solutions.

What brands make snug fit condoms?

You now know what alternatives you have to delay ejaculation, but what if you really need a snug fit condom? Here are some of the most popular options.


Are there any flavoured or textured snug fit condoms?

Sensation condom options are very limited in the snug fit category. The only exception is Glyde, a brand that makes coloured and flavoured condoms with a nominal width of 49mm. These condoms are only available in red colour and strawberry flavour – the flavoured option is also coloured.

However, there are no ribbed and dotted condoms in this category, nor condoms in other colours or flavours.

As long as you don’t mind using transparent condoms, you can always flavour them with an intimate lubricant. The most popular flavours include chocolate, mint, cola, peach, cherry, and strawberry.

If you’re looking for a textured condom to enhance stimulation and pleasure for your partner, you could opt for a vibrating cock ring instead. Options vary from cock rings that stimulate the clitoris to the popular G-Lover ring designed to stimulate your partner’s G-spot or prostate.

The main difference between this ring and the others – besides the design – is its placement. The G-Lover ring must be placed under your penis head rather than at the base of the penis. A large button allows you to turn it on before penetration. Placed under the penis head, the ring touches the most sensitive points inside the vagina or anus, increasing stimulation and delivering a quicker and more powerful climax.

Why do snug fit condoms hurt me?

Snug fit condoms might hurt you because they are too small or because you’re allergic to latex. To figure out the reason, you should measure your penis and assess any rashes that may or may not be present when using condoms.

A condom that is too small will leave marks on your penis, especially at the base, near the condom rim. The constrictive action may also reduce the amount of sensations you feel. Thus, if you can’t feel your partner but feel pain when wearing a condom, there are chances the condom is too small.

To figure out what condom size you need, grab a tape measure or string and ruler and fill in our quick Find Your Size quiz.

A latex allergy doesn’t usually cause pain, but you’ll notice rashes or hives on your skin. Itchiness is also a common symptom of latex allergy.

Even though latex allergy is rare and most people only have mild symptoms, it could be life-threatening in some cases. That’s why you should stop using latex condoms immediately and switch to non-latex alternatives to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Why do condoms hurt my girlfriend?

Condom wearers usually think about their own discomfort as far as condoms are concerned, but women may also feel discomfort when using condoms. Some even ask their partners to avoid or stop using condoms. Here are the main reasons why condoms can hurt your girlfriend:

Where can I buy snug fit condoms?

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