Delay spray is a readily available product used to delay male ejaculation. It's primarily used to help men suffering from premature ejaculation, but it can also be used by those who want a longer duration in bed. This article will answer some of the commonly asked questions about delay sprays.

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What Is Delay Spray?

Delay Spray or delay cream is a topical product that desensitises the nerve endings on the penis, resulting in diminished sensation and delayed ejaculation. The active ingredient in most delay sprays is lidocaine or prilocaine (both are local anaesthetics). When applied to the penis 10-15 minutes before intercourse, it will temporarily reduce sensation and make it easier to last longer.

Does Delay Spray Work?

Yes, Delay Sprays do work. Studies have shown that Delay Spray increases ejaculation latency (time to ejaculation) in men with premature ejaculation by up to 2-3 times the average time for healthy men. It is also effective for those who want prolonged sexual intercourse. You should note, however, that these effects are temporary and may only last one encounter or up to two hours if applied correctly.

Delay Spray Side Effects

Whenever you use products on your body, you should check whether there are any side effects. Delay Spray goes through rigorous testing to ensure it is safe to use but some people may have a sensitivity to the premature ejaculation spray. Follow the advice in the next section if you experience any side effects.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Delay Spray?

The most common side effect of Delay Spray is a slight tingling sensation on the penis after application, which usually subsides within minutes. If you experience more intense sensations, such as burning or itching, you should stop using the delay spray and speak to your doctor. You may also experience numbness on your penis or a feeling of being unable to achieve orgasm after application, but this is typically temporary.

Does Delay Spray Affect Women?

No, Delay Sprays are not known to affect women negatively. They can be beneficial as they allow men to last longer in bed and improve sexual satisfaction. You must apply the spray correctly (as indicated on the label) so that it doesn't come into contact with her genital area or cause discomfort during intercourse.

Pregnant women should avoid contact with delay spray and use an extra-safe condom for complete peace of mind.

How Long Does Delay Spray Last?

Delay Spray will usually last up to a year but it will depend on the volume of spray you purchase and how often you use it. The desensitizing spray can lose effectiveness over time, so it is best to replace with a new one if you start to see a difference in the effectiveness.

How Long Does A Bottle Of Delay Spray Last?

A bottle of Delay Spray typically lasts about 6-12 months, depending on how often you use it. If you use it every time you have sex, the bottle won't last very long, your body will likely get used to the effects of Delay Spray, and the effectiveness may deteriorate over time.

Delay Spray for men is an aid and is not the answer to a more severe problem. If you have issues with premature ejaculation, it's crucial to speak to your doctor or a qualified sex therapist. In addition, delay sprays are not a replacement for regular safe sex practices such as using condoms and other barrier methods.

Delay Spray can be an effective tool for those with difficulty lasting in bed, but it's essential to use them responsibly. The spray contains topical lidocaine, a topical anaesthetic so you should use it with care.

Can Delay Spray Be Used With Condoms?

The usage of a condom with delay sprays is unquestionably safe. Delay Sprays are compatible with both condoms and lubricants. Apply the lidocaine delay spray on the penis, let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes, and then put the condom on. To have the most enjoyment, some companies even advise using Delay Spray with latex delay condoms.

Here are five of the best delay condoms on the market…

  1. Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms
  2. EXS Delay Endurance Condoms
  3. Pasante Delay Infinity Condoms
  4. Durex Mutual Climax Condoms
  5. Vitalis Delay and Cooling Condoms

How Should Delay Spray Be Applied?

You should always apply Delay Spray according to the instructions given on the label. Generally, it is advised to use the spray 10-15 minutes before intercourse and then wait a few seconds for it to take effect.

It is important not to get Delay Spray in contact with your partner's genitals, as this can cause discomfort. Keep your Delay Spray away from your eyes, and don't apply it before oral sex, as it can result in numb lips.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use Delay Spray

  1. Read the label and follow any special instructions given.
  2. Start by shaking the Delay Spray bottle well before use.
  3. Hold the nozzle 5-10 cm away from your penis and spray 2-3 times onto the glans (head) of your penis and under the foreskin if you're uncircumcised.
  4. Gently massage it into your skin until it is absorbed, then wait 10 minutes before engaging in sexual activity to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety for both partners.
  5. Wash off with water after sex and enjoy a longer-lasting experience.

When To Use The Delay Spray - Flaccid Or Erect Penis?

The Delay Spray should be applied when the penis is flaccid (not erect). If you use it when your penis is already erect, the active ingredients may not penetrate your skin as effectively. An early application could lead to reduced effectiveness and potentially an uncomfortable sensation for your partner.

How To Last Longer

There are a few different options for lasting longer during sex, including using condoms that delay ejaculation as well as a delay spray. There are also delay creams and wipes that can help men to last longer in bed.

How Soon Before Sex Should You Use A Delay Spray?

You should apply Delay Spray around 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse. 10-15 mins, allow the active ingredients to absorb into your skin and take effect.

How Can Delay Sprays Delay My Ejaculation?

Delay sprays contain a combination of topical anaesthetics, such as lidocaine or benzocaine, temporarily desensitising the applied area. When you feel aroused, the cocktail of ingredients in the spray means it will take longer for your brain to register the sensations and send signals to ejaculate.

How Long Can I Last With Delay Spray?

Delay Sprays can delay ejaculation by helping you last up to 15 minutes or even more, depending on how much spray is used and how often it is applied. However, it's important to note that these results may vary from person to person.

Does Delay Spray Need To Be Washed Off?

Yes, it would help if you wash off Delay Spray. You should wash it off with warm water and mild soap as soon as possible after sex. Washing will help to reduce any potential discomfort or irritation that the active ingredients in the spray may cause.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Delay Sprays?

Although experts generally consider Delay Sprays safe when used as directed, they can cause some side effects, such as skin irritation, numbness or temporary redness of the penis. If these occur, discontinue use immediately.

It might be worth going for a solo test run to check if you might be allergic to the ingredients before you embark on the big event.

It's also essential to avoid getting Delay Spray into contact with your partner's genitals, as this can cause discomfort or irritation.

Does Delay Spray Work On Women?

No, Delay Sprays are explicitly designed for men and should not be used on women. If you want to extend the pleasure for both partners, then opt for a lubricant or a condom that is designed to heighten sensation and increase arousal without causing any numbness or desensitisation.

Here are our lube recommendations that will heighten your partner's pleasure…

  1. Durex Tingling Pleasure Gel (100ml)
  2. Pasante Tingling Mint Lube (75ml)
  3. Durex Warming Pleasure Gel (100ml)

Delay Sprays are an effective tool for those who need help with prolonging their sexual performance or suffering from premature ejaculation. However, it is vital to remember that you should only use Delay Spray as a temporary solution and always speak to a doctor if you have any concerns regarding your sexual health.

Furthermore, ensure that you follow all instructions when applying delay spray and do not get any product in contact with your partner's genitals. With proper use, delay sprays can effectively aid those who want longer-lasting sex.

Here are the best Delay Sprays available right now…

  1. EXS Endurance Delay Spray (50ml)
  2. EXS Delay Spray+ Performance Enhancer (50ml)
  3. Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel (10ml)
  4. EXS Endurance Delay Wipes (6 Pack)

Can I Combine Products?

Combining products is always a good idea; think about using Delay Spray with a delay condom and some pleasure-enhancing lubricant. This way, you can enhance the pleasure for both you and your partner and prolong your performance. Check out the EXS range to combine products that have been designed to be used together.

If you need larger size condoms, you can still use delay spray with many brands of XL condoms. Or if you want to try some flavoured condoms, you can combine delay spray with your choice of flavour from mint condoms to fruity flavours.

We hope this article has answered all of your questions about Delay Sprays! Just one thing, though, read the instructions carefully before using any product.

Jan 12, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh