When it comes to condoms, finding the right fit is vital. That's why Pasante has a range of condoms designed to suit different needs, including 'Regular' and 'Naturelle' styles. But which one is best for you? To help make that decision easier, let's look at the features of Pasante Regular vs Naturelle condoms.

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Pasante: A Brief History

Pasante is a UK-based condom manufacturer owned by Karex PHL, the world's largest condom maker, since 2000. All Pasante condoms are made from top-quality raw materials and carefully tested for holes and imperfections. Pasante is the largest condom supplier to the NHS and also offers one of the widest selections on the market, including Regular and Naturelle condoms.

Pasante also makes lubricant and multipack condoms in various styles and flavours that cover all requirements, tastes, and styles.

What are Regular Condoms?

Pasante makes their regular condoms from a strong yet thin latex material. The material is designed to provide maximum protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs while allowing for a natural experience. The condoms are also easy to slip on and off, making them a convenient choice for couples who want to ensure their safety with minimal disruption.

Regular condoms come in various sizes, so checking the packaging before use is essential. Pasante regular condoms are 54 mm wide and 190 mm long, meaning they're an excellent choice for most penis sizes.

What are Naturelle Condoms?

Pasante Naturelle condoms are also made of latex, but have an extra-thin layer designed to provide maximum sensitivity. These condoms have a natural and skin-like feel, allowing for a more intimate experience.

Naturelle condoms are 54 mm wide and 190 mm long, making them an ideal choice for those with regular penises. The emphasis is on comfort, and the anatomical shape of these extremely popular condoms mimics the curves of your penis, which is, without a doubt, Naturelle's best feature.

Pasante Naturelle vs Regular: Which is Best for You?

When picking the best Pasante condoms for you and your partner, consider a few things.

If you have a penis that is average size or smaller, then regular condoms should be the go-to choice. These condoms offer maximum protection without sacrificing the natural feel of a latex condom.

On the other hand, if you want extra feels, Naturelle condoms are the best bet. These condoms offer extra congeniality, designed by Pasante, to ensure maximum comfort during sex. Plus, they also provide an enhanced level of sensitivity so you can experience pleasure without worrying about protection.

How to Check the Size of Condom You Need

You must choose the correct size condom for your penis, so they work how you expect. You can check the width and length of the condoms on the package before purchasing.

If you're unsure what size condom you need, measuring your penis using a soft measuring tape or ruler can be helpful. Ensure you measure from the base of your penis to the tip to get an accurate reading, or read more detail in our blog.

Why it's Important to Make Sure Your Condom Fits Properly

It's essential to make sure you use a condom that fits properly for maximum protection and pleasure. Wearing the wrong size can cause your condom to break or slip off, potentially leading to pregnancy or the spread of STIs. Read our blog on sizing.

It's worth reading our blog on putting on a condom correctly so you don't spend time messing around at a crucial point in your relationship or encounter.

What Other Styles of Condoms Does Pasante Make?

Pasante makes a wide range of condoms to suit everyone's needs. From condoms designed to delay climax or ribbed and dotted for enhanced sexual pleasure, Pasante also makes flavoured condoms such as strawberry and even tropical-flavoured condoms that are a combination of coconut, coconut and mango.

Extra safe condoms are available for anal sex and when you need additional protection, along with king-size condoms for larger penises. Pasante also offers a selection of spermicide-free condoms that are safe to use if your partner is allergic to them.

Are Pasante Condoms Vegan?

Yes, Pasante condoms are vegan. All Pasante products are free from animal-derived ingredients, making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Plus, Pasante has an extended expiry date of 5 years for their regular condoms and four years for their Unique condoms; the Delay and Infinity range expires after three years. You can find the expiry details on the bottom of the box and the foil packaging of each condom. Read more about expiry dates and what happens if you use expired condoms.

Are Pasante Condoms Safe to Use?

Pasante tests its condoms to the highest European standards and marks each condom with the CE and BSI Kitemark. All Pasante condoms have been electronically tested for maximum safety, meaning you can relax knowing you're in safe hands.

What Specialist Condoms Does Pasante Make?

Pasante also manufactures a brand of condom for those who enjoy rougher, more intense bedtime play or who require extra lubrication to boost pleasure during anal sex or in the event of vaginal dryness. The Pasante Extra Condoms have a nominal width 52 mm and length 190 mm and can fit all men who typically wear a conventional-size condom.

These condoms are ideal for anal and vaginal sex since they are slightly thicker than ordinary condoms yet ideally fitted to offer optimum comfort and enjoyment.

Does Pasante Sell Their Condoms in Bulk?

Yes, Pasante sells larger packs of condoms; the packages come in sizes of 12, 30, 72 and 144 condoms per pack. Larger packs are perfect for those who need to stock up on condoms or are looking for cost-effective yet quality protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Conclusion - Pasante Naturelle vs Regular: Which is Best for You?

The best condoms for you depend on your needs and desires. For example, individuals with a wider penis may find Pasante King Size more comfortable since they have a slightly larger width than regular-size condoms. You can choose the Naturelle range for extra feels because the lubricant helps make sex more enjoyable for those prone to dryness or chafing during intercourse.

On the other hand, those who prefer extra protection or rougher play might want to opt for Pasante Extra Condoms for their added thickness and length.

If you're unsure which type of condom is best for you, we recommend trying different varieties until you find the best condom to suit your needs.

Mar 18, 2023
Written by:
Victoria Walsh