Contrary to popular belief, condoms serve more purposes than only safeguarding; if you pick wisely, they may make contact with your partner more pleasurable. Using a condom may open up a new world of pleasures in the bedroom while bringing peace of mind.

We like having options. While some people like the same lunch daily, others like a choice. We constantly change our options, from what colour to paint our houses to what vehicles we drive and everything in between.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that we also demand choices to enhance our sex life. Fortunately, condoms have advanced significantly since the early days, and now there are several condom varieties available to suit almost everyone’s desires.

Using condoms during foreplay, oral and anal contact, and even masturbation are all safe sexual practices. Given this, it’s critical to be familiar with condom choices. You need to be knowledgeable about topics like texture and lubrication and know the appropriate size.

This article discusses why you should use a condom, its practicalities and how a condom can enhance your sex life. We also discuss using lubricants and accessories designed to make your experience go from okay to fantastic - no need to settle for less.

Table of Contents:

Why wear a condom?

The bottom line is that the use of condoms can help prevent unplanned pregnancies as well as several STIs (sexually transmitted infections), including HIV, and even lower the chance of developing some cancers. For instance, the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can result in the development of cervical cancer and Chlamydia, the silent bacterial infection that can cause infertility if left untreated.

Additionally, condoms provide diversity and pleasure. There truly is a condom out there for everyone; you just have to choose the one that suits you. There are so many flavours, textures, and varieties to select from, and what’s more, you can choose a different one for every day of the week, climaxing with a big bang on Sunday (lucky you).

The chances are once you’ve read this article, you’ll choose to wear a condom rather than go bareback.

What sort of condoms can I choose from?

There are lots of different types of condoms that do all sorts of things, and the best kind of condom is the one that suits your preferences. There are many categories, from different condom materials and different shapes of condoms. There are also other flavours of condoms and the best condoms to use for all sorts of reasons.

So unbuckle, and let’s get started… in no particular order…

Non-Latex Condoms

The most typical substance used to make condoms is latex. Latex is waterproof, strong, and flexible. The majority of condoms are composed of natural rubber latex, but lots of people are allergic responses to latex and need an alternative.

So here’s what you can use instead of latex condoms:

  1. Condoms made from Polyisoprene
  2. Condoms made from Polyurethane
  3. Natural material condoms

Our favourite non-latex condoms are as follows:

Ultra-Thin Condoms

Ultra-thin is the ideal option when you want more sensitivity without sacrificing safety. Although these condoms are thinner than most, they are still powerful enough to provide you with the security you want while giving a more pleasant, natural feeling.

For the best type of condom to use for feeling, we suggest the following:

Warming Condoms

When it’s cold outside, or you need an extra tingle to get the engine moving, warming condoms have a unique lubricant inside and out that, when activated by body moisture, creates a soft warming sensation offered by the dual action lubricant that comes with a warming condom.

For the best warming condoms we love:

Textured (Studded and Dotted) Condoms

Textured condoms are made to stimulate the pleasure zones. Textured condoms have patterns of ribs or dots (or both) that are slightly raised, triggering sensations faster, so for better results. Here are our favourite textured condoms:


Non-lubed condoms are for those who naturally create enough moisture or prefer a different lubrication than those offered in pre-lubricated condoms.

Our favourite non-lubed condoms are as follows:

Extra-Lubed Condoms

Who wants dry when they can have extra-lubed? Durex first invented the lubricated condom in 1957, and now many brands sell extra-lubricated condoms which include loads more lubricant than usual and offer the most incredible amount of enjoyment. You’ll last longer and enjoy the feeling when you choose these condoms.

Our favourite extra-lubricated condoms are:

  • Skyn Original Non-Latex Condoms
  • Durex Thin Feel Extra Lubricated Condoms
  • Skins Natural Condoms
  • Skins Selection Non-Latex Condoms

Condoms with Spermicide

For those who need to be extra safe, condoms with spermicide are the best choice, helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies - being extra safe doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

The Best condoms with spermicide are as follows:

Thick Condoms

Thick condoms provide the extra security you want because they have thicker latex than ordinary types. They are suggested for anal sex or for those who need to last longer.

Our favourite thick condoms are:

  • Durex Real Feels Condoms
  • Mates Supersafe Condoms
  • Adore Extra Sure Condoms
  • Mates Manix Super Safe Condoms

Japanese Condoms

Japanese condoms are known for superior quality offering super thin and sensitive condoms for every taste.

We love:

Vegan Condoms

When you need your condoms to contain no animal products, reach for vegan condoms because they have no milk or animal proteins, among other things - so, if you’re a vegan, use a vegan condom.

We love these vegan condoms from Mates, Skyn and Pasante:

  • Mates Supreme Condoms
  • Skyn 5 Senses Condoms
  • Pasante Unique Condoms
  • Skyn Intense Feel Non-Latex Condoms

Coloured Condoms

Coloured condoms are your Sunday condom. Coloured condoms cover condoms that don’t have the traditional natural hue. We have all the colours and more in our collection.

You can even have coloured condoms with coordinating flavours. Use colourful condoms to excite your sense of sight. We adore the following:

  • Vitalis Colour and Flavour Condoms
  • Skins Assorted Condoms
  • Durex Suprise Me Verity Pack
  • Playboy Black Condoms

Flavoured and Glow in the Dark Condoms

Condoms with flavours enhance the sensory feels during intimate activities. Buy high-quality, FDA-approved flavoured condoms to spice up your love life.

Flavoured condoms come in a selection of mouthwatering, water-based lubricated tastes and smells, including banana, bubblegum, mint, chocolate, strawberry, cola, and coconut. We would love you to get your chops around these condoms:

  • ON Chocolate Condoms
  • Adore Mixed Flavour Condoms
  • Skins Strawberry Condoms
  • Pasante Taste Condoms
  • EXS Mixed Flavoured Condoms

For a glow-in-the-dark experience, we love EXS Glow In The Dark Condoms - Halloween all year long!

Now you know what condoms are available and what are the best condoms for your preferences, it’s worth looking at what else you can do to make your experience the best it can be.

Flavoured Lubricants

Flavoured Lubricant

If you want to mix your flavours, you can add a flavoured lubricant to your condom - try a chocolate condom with a mint-flavoured lubricant - Choc-Chip right there.

Why not mix Durex Cherry Pleasure Gel with your EXS Peach Flavoured Lube, add an On Chocolate Condom, and have a Bell Helen cocktail to add to your menu of delights?

That’s not all; the cherry on top of your proverbial cake has to be a glow-in-the-dark condom with some EXS Sweet Cherry Flavoured Lube and a Trojan Tandem Vibrating Ring. That’s your Saturday night menu sorted!