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                  What are latex free condoms?

                  Latex fee condoms are condoms made of materials other than latex. Those materials can be synthetic latex (polyisoprene), polyurethane (a type of plastic), or lambskin (sheep intestine), or synthetic resin (a type of plastic). Not all latex free condoms are as effective as latex condoms in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, but they allow people with latex allergy to enjoy safe sex without any side effects.

                  What are the latex allergy symptoms?

                  Latex allergy is a rare disorder affecting less than 1 in 1,000 people in the UK. Despite being so rare, some people may have severe allergic reactions and sometimes, a latex allergy can be life-threatening.

                  You can develop a latex allergy at any age and regardless of your gender. Some people are more likely than others to develop sensitivity or become allergic to this material. Risk groups include people who come in contact with latex frequently. For instance, healthcare workers and people who wear latex gloves daily as part of their profession are more likely to become allergic to latex. Rubber industry workers are also at risk of developing an allergy, and so are people who have had multiple surgeries (10 or more) in their lifetime.

                  If you already have other allergies, such as allergy to food or hay fever, you are also more likely to become allergic to latex.

                  Because latex allergies are rare and its symptoms are often mild, many people may only notice they are allergic when using natural rubber latex condoms.

                  Mild symptoms include:

                  All these symptoms are localised, meaning they’ll only interest the area that has been in contact with the latex.

                  latex free condoms

                  Moderate symptoms include all the symptoms above, plus:

                  Severe symptoms can include any of the mild and moderate symptoms, plus:

                  A severe reaction to latex can lead to anaphylactic shock and potentially death. Mild symptoms can worsen in time if you continue exposing yourself to latex. To prevent discomfort and complications, you should use only latex free condoms if you or your partner are allergic to latex.

                  Because latex free condoms have different characteristics based on the material they’re made of, let’s have a look at each type.

                  Types of latex free condoms

                  Polyisoprene condoms

                  Polyisoprene condoms are largely considered the best alternative to latex condoms. Polyisoprene is a type of synthetic latex. Its properties are very similar to those of latex, but the material is more elastic and has a better tensile strength. These differences allow manufacturers to make polyisoprene condoms thinner than latex.

                  What are the advantages of polyisoprene condoms?

                  What are the disadvantages of polyisoprene condoms?

                  What brands make polyisoprene condoms?

                  SKYN is the most popular brand of polyisoprene condoms. Striving to cater to everyone’s needs, SKYN condoms come in multiple sizes and types.

                  The brand’s regular size has a nominal width of 53mm and 180mm of length. In this category, you can find the SKYN Original condoms, SKYN Elite condoms which are ultra thin, as well as textured condoms. A large size with a nominal width of 56mm and a length of 200mm is also available from the brand.

                  Durex is another brand that makes polyisoprene condoms. However, the choices are limited. Durex Real Feel condoms have a nominal width of 56mm and are 205mm long.


                  Pros And Cons Of Polyurethane Condoms

                  Polyurethane is a type of thin plastic similar to cling wrap. Like latex condoms, polyurethane condoms protect you against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, but are slightly less effective due to the characteristics of the material. Polyurethane condoms are thinner than latex and polyisoprene, but are also less elastic. Ultimately, whether or not you’ll like these non latex condoms comes down to preference.

                  What are the advantages of polyurethane condoms?

                  What are the disadvantages of polyurethane condoms?

                  What brands make polyurethane condoms?

                  Most brands nowadays make their latex free condoms from polyisoprene or synthetic resin. However, Trojan’s Supra condoms are made of polyurethane. These condoms are very thin (0.047mm), but their nominal width of 58mm makes them suitable for men who need a larger size condom. If you normally wear a regular size, there is a high risk they’ll slip off during intercourse.

                  Synthetic resin condoms

                  Synthetic resin is a rather innovative non-latex material used by few brands. The official name of this material is AT-10, and its main advantage is that it has higher strength in thinner sheets than other materials, including polyisoprene, polyurethane, and latex. The material is not stretchable, but it has the ability to cling to the skin in a way similar to polyurethane.

                  What are the advantages of synthetic resin condoms?

                  What are the disadvantages of synthetic resin condoms?

                  What brands make synthetic resin condoms? 

                  Pasante is one of the few brands that make synthetic resin condoms. You can pick from a thicker (and smaller) version, as well as a thinner and larger one.

                  Pasante Sensiva condoms have a nominal width of 58mm and are 180mm long. At 0.028mm thick, these condoms are on the thicker side as far as synthetic resin condoms are concerned. They’re obviously thinner than all other types of condoms. A nice touch is the condom placement in an easy-to-open round pot that minimises the risk of damaging the condom when taking it out of its packet. Pasante Sensiva condoms can be used with all types of personal lubricants and massage oils, as well as silicone or water-based lube.

                  Pasante Unique condoms are larger and thinner than Sensiva. They have a nominal width of 60mm, a length of 190mm, and are 0.015mm thick. These condoms are resilient and extremely flexible, feeling like nothing at all between you and your partner. Pasante Unique condoms can also be used with all types of intimate lubricant, including oil products. Both AT-10 condoms from Pasante are cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

                  Lambskin condoms

                  Lambskin condoms have been around for centuries (if not millennia). Their design has changed over the time, and today’s lambskin condoms are a far cry from what our ancestors use. These condoms have numerous advantages, but also one huge disadvantage – they are not effective against sexually transmitted infections.

                  What are the advantages of lambskin condoms?

                  What are the disadvantages of lambskin condoms?

                  What brands make lambskin condoms?

                  Trojan Naturalamb is one of the few lambskin condoms available. These condoms have an extra-large size (68mm nominal width) and feature a rounded head with no teat end. This design improves comfort, but could make it challenging to prevent leaks after ejaculation. Nevertheless, these are some of the most comfortable condoms you can find.

                  Where can I buy latex free condoms?

                  You can buy latex free condoms right here at We stock a variety of polyisoprene and synthetic resin condoms sourced from trusted brands. Browse our range and buy Durex, Pasante, or SKYN latex-free condoms. All orders of £25 or more come with free delivery, and you can rest assured you’ll receive your products in discreet packaging.