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                What types of condoms can I choose from?

                Condoms are one of the safest and most readily available contraceptive methods. You can use them at any age, and they have no major side effects. In addition, condoms are the only contraceptive method that also protects you from sexually transmitted infections.

                This barrier method has gained so much popularity over the decades that most brands diversified their range. Today’s condoms provide much more than birth control and STI protection, and you can choose from the following types:

                Standard condoms

                This category includes a variety of plain condoms ranging from extra small to extra large. Most standard condoms have a thickness of about 0.065mm, which is thin enough to allow you to feel almost natural sensations.

                Standard condoms are colourless, odourless, and tasteless – some may have a faint latex smell and taste, but modern technologies allow most brands to neutralise the taste and odour.

                Thin condoms

                Similar to standard condoms, thin condoms are usually thinner than 0.055mm. They feel like almost nothing between you and your partner, but these condoms are still strong enough to deliver the protection you’d expect. Some thin condoms are extra lubricated.

                Thick condoms

                The opposite of thin condoms, thick condoms have a thickness of 0.07mm or more. Some are as much as 0.1mm thick. Most specialists used to recommend thick condoms for anal sex, but recent studies revealed that thin condoms could be as effective as thicker ones for the purpose, as long as you ensure sufficient lubrication. That said, some people may feel safer when using thicker condoms. If a thicker rubber gives you peace of mind, know that you’ll still be able to feel a full range of sensations.

                Vegan condoms

                These natural rubber latex condoms contain no animal-derived ingredients. Most vegan condoms are also cruelty-free and an excellent choice for animal activists or people with a vegan lifestyle. You can buy natural latex condoms from a variety of different condom brands.

                Textured condoms

                Designed to enhance pleasure, textured condoms can provide more sensations to her, to him, or to both partners. Ribbed condoms can heighten the sensations for both partners, but their main purpose is to provide extra stimulation to the wearer. Dotted condoms provide more stimulation to the receiver – most brands even position the raised dots strategically to hit the G-spot and other sensitive points inside the vagina. Ribbed and dotted condoms bring the best of both worlds and can stimulate both partners.

                Flavoured condoms

                Designed with oral sex in mind, flavoured condoms can make safe oral sex more pleasurable for the giver – as many people hate the taste and smell of latex. Some flavoured condoms contain added sugars or glycerine, and they are only suitable to use for oral sex. Others have no added sugars nor glycerine and can also be used for vaginal and anal sex.

                Here at, we stock a wide range of flavoured condoms that are safe to use for all types of sex. Flavours vary from all-round contenders like strawberry or chocolate to more surprising choices such as mint or pineapple. There really is a lot more to condom use than protection, condoms can bring some extra fun and fruitiness into your sex life.

                Coloured condoms

                Plain, transparent condoms are rarely truly transparent. Most have a yellowish shade that may not look flattering on your skin. That’s where coloured condoms come in. You can pick from a rainbow of shades ranging from darker yellow to black. Most coloured condoms are also flavoured, for a more intense experience.

                Cooling and warming condoms

                Tingling sensations can help your partner reach orgasm faster. Warming condoms enhance blood flow to your intimate areas and also provide more stimulation for the wearer. Cooling condoms have a slight numbing effect on the penis and may help you delay ejaculation naturally. Those who enjoy anal sex may also find that cooling condoms can make it more pleasurable.

                Delay condoms

                Whilst cooling condoms can delay ejaculation naturally, they are not suitable for premature ejaculation. If you want to delay ejaculation for longer, you should try a delay condom. In addition to the cooling condoms we already mentioned, you can pick from a range of condoms containing clover oil, benzocaine, or lidocaine as a numbing agent.

                If you decide to use a rubber with lidocaine or benzocaine, keep in mind that these substances can also have a numbing effect on your partner. Moreover, benzocaine can irritate the vagina and could reduce a woman’s natural lubrication. Thus, you must pay attention to rolling on the condom the right side up (the numbing agent is added inside the teat, and you should rub it on your penis once the condom is on) to prevent the contact between the substance and your partner’s skin.

                Glow in the dark condoms

                Perfect for all those times when you want to bring a bit of fun into the bedroom, glow in the dark condoms will illuminate your pride and joy and relax the mood. These condoms are easy to use. Simply expose them to light for a few minutes and they’ll glow for up to half an hour. The Glow in the Dark condoms you can find at are safe to use for all types of sex.

                Latex free condoms

                A latex allergy can spoil the mood quite easily, but there are alternatives. Latex free condoms can be made of polyurethane (plastic), polyisoprene (synthetic latex), or lambskin (sheep’s intestine). All these condoms are usually thinner than latex condoms. They are equally effective against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

                What are the best condoms for natural feel?

                Thin and regular condoms are the best condoms for a natural feel. You can choose from different designs, based on your preference. Condoms from Durex, for example, such as Durex Thin Feel, have an anatomical shape with flared head. The condoms from EXS have a similar design but Glyde condoms, for instance, have straight walls. If you’re not sure which condoms provide the best feel for you, simply try various types until you find one that you like.

                Remember to measure your penis before shopping for male condoms – the wrong size condom will always feel uncomfortable.

                What are the best vegan condoms?

                The best vegan condoms are probably Glyde. The Australian company is a pioneer in the vegan condom industry. Their condoms are made of natural rubber latex, they contain no ingredients of animal origin and are cruelty-free.

                EXS also manufactures vegan and cruelty-free condoms. All its products are vegan certified by the Vegan Society since January 2021.

                Another popular manufacturer that makes vegan condoms is Pasante. If you need a vegan condom that is latex-free, the brand offers a regular size and a large size variant.

                Lelo is most popular for its sex toys than condoms, yet the brand makes some of the best vegan condoms around. Its innovative products, Lelo Hex condoms, are thinner and more comfortable than other latex condoms on the market, yet are as strong as the thick condoms.

                What are the best non-latex condoms?

                The best non-latex condoms come from SKYN. The brand is specialised in latex free condoms, its range includes thin condoms, textured condoms, and even large and extra lubricated condoms. Durex and Pasante are other brands that include latex free condoms in their range. 

                From all brands, Pasante makes the best latex free condoms for those who like thin condoms. Pasante Sensiva has a nominal width of 58mm and is 0.028mm thick; Pasante Unique suits men who need a 60mm condom and has a thickness of 0.015mm.

                What are the best condoms for sensations?

                Ribbed and dotted condoms are the best for sensations. Most brands offer their own versions. Durex Pleasure Me is one of the most popular options. These condoms have an anatomical shape – a snugger base and flared head. The dots and ribs are arranged to ensure proper stimulation of the vaginal walls, whilst also enhancing sensations for the wearer.

                Warming and cooling effect condoms are other excellent choices for sensations. EXS, Pasante, and Vitalis condoms suit men with a regular size.

                Some flavoured condoms also provide unexpected sensations. Skins Mint condoms, for example, have a fresh taste and deliver tingling sensations.

                What are the best delay condoms?

                Premature ejaculation can be embarrassing, but delay condoms can help you last longer. EXS Delay Endurance and Pasante Infinity are the best delay condoms. These condoms contain a drop of lidocaine 1%, one of the most powerful anaesthetics used by condoms brands.

                If you want to delay ejaculation because your partner needs longer and more careful stimulation, you may consider Durex Extended Pleasure. These condoms contain benzocaine 5% and have a milder numbing effect compared to EXS.

                Durex Mutual Climax also contain benzocaine 5%, but they are ribbed and dotted. These are the best condoms if you want to enhance stimulation for her while delaying ejaculation.

                If you don’t want to use an anaesthetic, Vitalis Delay and Cooling condoms help you last longer thanks to their cooling effect.

                What are the best condoms for oral sex?

                Flavoured condoms are undeniably the best condoms for oral sex. The market spoils you with choices, most trusted brands having their own lines of flavoured condoms.

                If you have a vegan lifestyle or don’t want to use condoms that have been tested on animals, EXS and Pasante will be just right. EXS includes all popular flavours, such as strawberry, chocolate, cola, and bubblegum. Pasante also includes blueberry and tropical condoms in its range, as well as a mint flavoured condom.

                Glyde is another vegan brand that impresses with a range of flavoured condoms. All Glyde condoms are flavoured with natural ingredients and are safe to use for all types of sex. Whilst this brand doesn’t make chocolate condoms, it is the only brand that makes vanilla condoms.

                Skins and Mates are two other UK brands that make flavoured condoms. Skins’ range is similar to EXS’, the brand including bubblegum and cola condoms in its range. Skins also makes mint and banana condoms.

                Banana condoms are also available from ON and Vitalis. ON and Vitalis are two German brands manufactured by the same company, R&S Consumer Goods. The main difference between the two is the size of the condoms.

                What are the best condoms for anal sex?

                Thick and extra safe condoms are the best condoms for anal sex. Thick condoms are available from most brands, including Durex, EXS, Pasante, Mates, and even SKYN.

                Most extra safe condoms have a regular size, but you can find thicker options in small and large sizes, too.

                If you only use thick condoms for anal sex but would like to try different condoms for vaginal and anal sex, the variety packs from different brands are your best bet. For instance, Durex Surprise Me Variety Pack brings you an assortment of thin, thick, and textured condoms.

                Where can I buy the best condoms?

                You can buy the best condoms right here at To make sure the condoms we sell are the best, we source our products directly from trusted brands – check the CE mark or BSI Kitemark on the condom packets you buy from us. Those symbols are a guarantee for the quality and proof that the condoms you got meet or exceed all British and European safety standards.

                In addition to stocking a wide variety of condoms, we offer free delivery on all orders of £25 or more. If you spend less, delivery fees are as low as £2.99. To give you peace of mind, rest assured that each order is delivered in discreet, non-branded packaging.

                So, what are you waiting for? Browse our range to find the best condoms, lubes, and accessories for you.