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            Everything You Need to Know About Playboy Condoms

            Here at we stock the whole Playboy condoms range, making us the perfect site to buy your condoms anonymously. Delivering Playboy condoms, lubricants, and other accessories discreetly is our mission and our promise to you.

            You can rely on us to send your Playboy condoms secretly; in fact we guarantee it. Plus when you order Playboy condoms online you will get free delivery for orders £25+. What more could you want?

            Who manufactures Playboy condoms?

            Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Public Company, a producer and marketer of natural latex rubber condoms and lubricants, has been awarded a licence by Playboy Enterprises International to develop and sell products under the Playboy name.

            Collaboration with Playboy has resulted in new products for sexual safety and engagement, as well as an extension of Playboy's market presence in the United States and Europe. TNR and United Medical Devices, Playboy's former condom licensee, have been making Playboy condoms since 2010.

            Which Playboy condoms are the most effective to use during sex?

            While looking for condoms, choosing the most pleasurable condom for you is likely your primary concern. Playboy's excellent collection of condoms is available in a wide range of styles, that meets all of the demands for both male and female.

            1. Playboy Epiphany Condoms (12, 24 & 36 Pack)

            If you are tired of using the same old boring condom then you should try Playboy Epiphany Condoms. This condom comes with a standard width of 52mm which provides a tighter fit than regular condoms.

            Along the length of the Playboy Epiphany Condom are dots - which are there to deliver pleasure and delight like no other. These Playboy condoms guarantee increased enjoyment for both parties.

            These condoms are suitable for vegans. They feature a reservoir end and a straight wall. Playboy Epiphany Condoms are black and have no fragrance, which is ideal because they are composed of natural rubber latex.

            Although the condom is already lubricated with a silicone lubricant, more lubrication may be used to boost enjoyment and reduce friction/irritation during intercourse.

            2. Playboy G-Vibrations Condoms (12, 24 & 36 Pack)

            G-Vibrations Condoms are constructed of quality latex and are soft and comfortable to wear. The Playboy G-Vibrations Condoms feature a reservoir end and are scent-free and natural in colour.

            These condoms are Vegan-approved. The condom's length is ribbed, making it ideal for intense feelings and stimulation. Try these Playboy G-Vibrations Condoms if you desire total fulfilment during sex. This condom comes with a standard width of 52mm.

            Extra lubricant can be used to assist and reduce discomfort and friction. Each condom has been electronically tested and is in accordance with EU, UK, and international regulations. G-Vibrations Condoms are also ISO 10993 tested for biocompatibility. These condoms are also subjected to electrolyte water testing for leakage and air inflation testing for strength and flexibility.

            3. Playboy Black Tie Condoms (12, 24 & 36 Pack)

            Playboy Black Tie Condoms are all black and have no aroma. If you require a normal fit condom, they will be ideal since they have a nominal width of 52mm. Playboy Black Tie Condoms are smooth, silky, and straight-walled - with a reservoir tip for added security. They're constructed of natural rubber latex and are vegan-friendly.

            The Playboy Black Tie Condoms are lubricated with silicone lube, but more lubrication can be applied if required. This increases comfort and decreases friction and discomfort.

            Each Playboy Black Tie Condom has been electronically tested and meets all applicable safety requirements. In addition, these condoms have been tested for biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993. These condoms are also batch tested for leaks, burst strength, and elasticity.

            4. Playboy Classic Condoms (12, 24 & 36 Pack)

            Choose Playboy Classic Condoms for a luxury and premium-feeling condom. These condoms have a nominal width of 54mm and are designed for those who normally use a standard fit condom.

            Also suited for folks who normally use a bigger condom but require a tighter fit. These condoms have a reservoir tip and are straight-walled and smooth. They have a natural colour and no fragrance. Vegans will appreciate Playboy Classic Condoms, that's for sure.

            Playboy Classic Condoms are constructed of natural rubber latex and lubricated with silicone. This improves smoothness and comfort. Extra lubricant may be applied and is suggested, particularly in circumstances where natural lubrication is low.

            Wearing a condom may sometimes be both painful and irritating. But this does not have to be the case. Playboy Classic Condoms are of high quality, pleasant to wear, and allow for maximum sensitivity during intercourse.

            5. Playboy Triple Play Condoms (12, 24 & 36 Pack)

            Pick Playboy Triple Play Condoms for the best in enjoyment, sensitivity, and sensations. These condoms have a nominal width of 52mm, making them appropriate for people who want a typical fit condom.

            If you really want to feel more during intercourse, consider Playboy Triple Play Condoms, which are both ribbed and dotted. Sensations will be amplified, and there will be a lot more stimulation, which will boost enjoyment during intercourse.

            Playboy Triple Play Condoms are unscented and natural in colour. They are also Vegan certified. The Playboy Triple Condoms are lubricated with silicone. Extra lubricant may be applied to promote enjoyment or to avoid discomfort or friction.

            6. Playboy Studded Pleasure Condoms (12, 24 & 36 Pack)

            This quality condom contains dotted textures that are delicately positioned to improve enjoyment for both partners. Perfectly placed textured studs for stimulation beyond the standard smooth finish.

            Playboy Studded Pleasure contraception are intended to deliver both pleasure and protection, making you desire more and more. As part of an expanding range of goods, Playboy is committed to offering best-in-class sexual wellness to everyone.

            7. Playboy Oral Fixation Condoms and Lubricant (12, 24 & 36 Pack)

            Playboy Oral Fixation comes with 6 premium latex condoms and 6 packets of Passion Berry sensual lubricant. These condoms are ideal for oral sex, as the name implies!

            Experience the flavour of Passion Berry while spending a passionate time with your lover. The Playboy Premium Latex Condoms have a nominal width of 54mm and are ideal for people who prefer a normal fit condom. The condoms are straight-walled, smooth, and have a reservoir end for further safety.

            They are Vegan-certified and come in a variety of natural colours. Playboy Condoms are comprised of natural rubber latex and are gently lubricated, allowing the condom to go on easily. This package contains six tiny packets of Passion Berry Sensual Lubricant.

            How Effective Are Playboy Condoms?

            The effectiveness of a Playboy condom is heavily dependent on how well it is used. Playboy male condoms are around 98% effective in preventing pregnancy when used correctly.

            Playboy condoms also reduce the likelihood of one person transmitting an STD to the other, especially if you use one every time you have sex. However, the only way to be certain you won't catch a disease is to avoid having intercourse altogether.

            Playboy condoms, on the other hand, are particularly successful in preventing STDs such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, herpes, and HIV. The specific risk varies depending on the STD.

            Playboy Condoms, for example, are almost 100% effective for HIV prevention. However, HPV, the most prevalent sexually transmitted illness, may infect places not covered by a male condom, such as the scrotum. Playboy Condoms reduce the likelihood of HPV infection but do not eliminate it entirely.

            How do you choose the right Playboy condom size?

            Varying penis sizes were taken into consideration by Playboy. Penises, like our feet, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The majority of users in the United Kingdom and Europe will discover that the brand's sizes are ideal for them. However those on the small or large size may wish to seek a more custom fit from a brand such as MY.SIZE.

            How much lubricant should I use with Playboy condoms?

            You may use as little or as much lubricant as you like depending on your preference. For example, suppose you and your partner have natural solid lubrication. In that case, you and your companion may want to use a lower amount of lubricant for intercourse (or maybe none at all).

            However, you and your partner may still use a large amount for foreplay. To combat vaginal dryness or for anal intercourse, you may apply as much lubricant as you deem necessary, as well.

            For those of you who are unsure about how much lubricant to use, just squeeze a little amount of lubrication onto your fingers and apply this. Continue to apply additional lubricant until you obtain the required level of lubrication.

            How do I use a Playboy condom?

            The Playboy condom should be administered when your penis is erect (hard), but before it makes contact with your partner's mouth or genital area, and it should be worn during intercourse.

            This helps to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) transferred via skin-to-skin contact. It also keeps you away from pre-ejaculate (pre-cum), which may contain STD germs and, in rare situations, sperm that might result in pregnancy. Here are a few steps to follow below:

            Where can I buy Playboy Condoms?

            We offer a large assortment of Playboy condoms right here at so you can easily order Playboy condoms online. Because we are devoted to providing you with the most trusted sexual health supplies, we only offer and sell genuine Playboy condoms from the official distributor in the UK. Browse our range of Playboy condoms today to find the ideal one for you!